Why You Should Never Get Shoes Inside Home
Why You Should Never Get Shoes Inside Home

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There’s a high chance that your ancestors must have told you at some point in your life to not bring shoes inside the home. Removing shoes outside home is an age-old practice and one that continues to be prevalent even today. Some view it as a sign of respect, some do it to keep their place clean and others do it to reduce the exposure to any kind of virus. There are many reasons which explain why you should never enter any abode with shoes on. Take a look at them.

Shoes worn outside carry germs, bacteria and dirt

You certainly don’t want your home to invite any trace of germs, bacteria, virus and dirt. The pair of shoes that you wear outside comes in touch with all kinds of things – from chemicals, germs to dirt. Entering your abode with the same pair of shoes means exposing yourself to viruses.

Floor quality

Your servant will tell you how hard it is to clean the floor when you roam around your place with shoes on. Not only is it difficult to remove the dirt from the floors, but the quality of the floor also gets impacted in the long run. Best practice? Remove shoes outside always.

Brings bad luck & negativity

There’s a belief that suggests that wearing shoes inside the home invites bad luck. It is viewed as a negative practice and one that can have some consequences too in some form or the other.

Sign of respect

In many Asian, European and Middle Eastern countries, it is a practice to not bring shoes inside the home. Some view the act of walking into a home with shoes on as being rude to the owner of the house. To avoid bringing shoes inside a home is considered a sign of respect. Perhaps this explains why people always remove their shoes before going to a place of worship.


Keep separate pairs of indoor shoes for both members of a house and guests. Whenever a guest visits you, be ready to give them a pair of shoes to wear at the entrance. This way they will understand your point and happily adhere to it also. It is also a great way to spread a message through the act of demonstration. Perhaps, they will find it a worthy practice to emulate at their home? If they do, then what can be better than that?