Tips to add a bit of character to your bathroom
lbany Friston Forest and Malachite paint with Isabelle Boxall's Birds of Paradise exclusively available from Brewers
lbany Friston Forest and Malachite paint with Isabelle Boxall’s Birds of Paradise exclusively available from Brewers

If you are looking to give your bathroom a refresh, the experts at Brewers offers some tips on what paints to choose and how to achieve the best possible finish.

They said: “Our top tip is when choosing paint colours to use in a bathroom, consider what type of atmosphere you want to create.

“If you want an energising space that will invigorate you each morning, try pairing bolder paint colours like Albany Friston Forest and Malachite with a playful wallpaper such as Isabelle Boxall’s Birds of Paradise. Alternatively, if you are aiming for optimum relaxation, we’d suggest choosing a softer colour palette with less contrast to make a soothing environment – perfect for a long, restorative soak.”

One thing to keep in mind is that water, steam, heat and cleaning products can be tough on the decoration so professional products are often needed to ensure the best possible finish.

So what should you consider before you start?

Is the room well ventilated? Are there windows? This will influence the condensation build up within the room.

Are you decorating near/in the shower? If so, choose an appropriate waterproof coating.

Keep mould at bay. Damp air can settle on walls and if the humidity remains high can lead to mould growth.

If the surface already has traces of mould, then products such as Albany Fungicidal Wash help clear away existing mould and give a clean surface to help limit the chance of mould growing back after decoration.

To add extra mould enhancing properties to paint you wish to use, add Owatrol VC175 Mould Killer to the paint.

Preparation is key to ensuring a long lasting finish. Taking time to get the best foundation before painting or wallpapering will help illuminate issues which may arise after decorating such as damp or cracks and chips in the substrate.

Brewers Easy Finish Filler is a fantastic product to fill cracks and chips in the surface to help provide a strong foundation for painting or wallpapering.

This super fine filler is also tough and durable, drying hard with minimal shrinkage. It’s fast setting too, enabling you to start sanding earlier, giving you more time on the all important decorative finishing.

Add a bit of character to your space to be it with colour or wallpaper.

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