This is why I chose not to follow this key lighting trend |

The era of the big light is officially over. It’s not that chandeliers and vast central hanging lights aren’t beautiful, or show-stopping, or can add a fabulous final flourish to a room, but when was the last time you actually turned one on, except perhaps when you were looking for something? And then turned it off the moment you found that thing? Using big lights for lighting ideas, you see, is now decorative rather than functional.

Of course, I put big lights into every room in my home, vastly arresting pieces like the large, round chandelier, hanging for my living room lighting ideas (as seen at the top of this page.) I don’t regret it for an instant – it’s a piece of artistry that I love and that never fails to draw gasps when anyone new enters the room. But realistically, I rarely turn it on, favoring instead the glow of the sconces around the edge of the room, and the serene, orb-like glow of the table lamp seen on the fireplace.