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Many people might think self-care is only a luxury, but the truth is we all need moments of self-care; more than a caprice, it is a necessity. Especially given everything happening in the world, it is easy to feel overwhelmed or anxious.

However, sometimes, no anguish can match that of knowing that Abuelita is coming to visit and the bathroom is a mess. So, how about transforming the bathroom into a spa that helps you relax and may even invite Abuelita to leave her worries behind?

Turning your bathroom into something more like a spa at home is a “job” that can be both profitable and therapeutic in the end if you know the outcome: you soaking in a tub and leaving all the stress behind. 

Take a look at our ultimate checklist to turn your bathroom into an at-home spa!

Cleaning and dusting is always the first step

I know, I know. “Chores” and “spa” don’t mix well together. But hear me out! Cleaning can be a small workout and a de-stressing activity all on its own — just ask Abuelita! At home, we all learned (no solamente las niñas) that when you’re upset, brooming or dusting is the solution. Give your grandma that treat, and enjoy the sense of accomplishment that comes with the joy of being comfortable in a clean bathroom. Plus, you’ll be off the phone (or at least you should be)! 

Re-caulk the shower

Over time, caulking cracks or get grimy. Simply by adding new caulking, you can improve the appearance of your tub or tile, helping transform the entire bathroom and giving it a more updated look on a budget.

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Storage is key in turning a bathroom into a spa

Did you realize you had too much clutter when you were cleaning? Well, that should be no problem at all! Start a donation, recycle, and get rid of the trash pile to de-clutter and bring more light into your space. Then, add a few baskets to hide cleaning supplies and other toiletries for a more appealing look. For example, I hide the extra rolls of toilet paper and cleaning supplies in decorative baskets. Even the toilet bowl cleaner can be stored in a basket. Ojo! Before purchasing, look around the house. You may have some you are not currently using or other containers that can be repurposed.

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Now, you may need a place for your baskets. Adding shelving above your toilet or on a wall for maximized storage can create a more inviting and decorative space in your bathroom. And it’s a step closer to that spa feel!

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Candles and scents to relax and give that special touch

On the shelves or on a window, you can place some candles or decorative scents you may have at home already. Place them next to plants for a more relaxing and warm environment. You should know that there is a whole art and symbology behind colors and scents when it comes to organizing the energies of your home. Coordinate the right color with the scent that best suits it, and feel how your aura becomes cleansed immediately after.

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The magical power of eucalyptus

It is inexpensive, and it packs a punch. Trader Joe’s sells eucalyptus in recyclable plastic for about $2.99. You can also purchase eucalyptus from a local Latina-owned plant store

This is our fave touch for turning a bathroom into a spa.

You can also add eucalyptus in a vase, layer it flat across a shelf, or hang a bushel from a wall. There are so many ways to add eucalyptus to your bathroom! My favorite is to hang it upside down above the showerhead. When you take a warm shower, you will smell the eucalyptus. It is very soothing to the soul! Hello, home spa! 

I, too, hang eucalyptus above a mirror or anywhere else I can place it without looking like clutter, including on a wood tray on top of the toilet. Once the plant dries, it still looks charming.

However, if you have furry friends at home, eucalyptus might not be the best idea. Always check with your vet about allergies or negative effects before purchasing!

Sometimes illusion goes a long way

Consider adding a curved shower rod. They make your shower feel more spacious!

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Dress up your windows 

You can add a basic lightweight curtain, lace curtain, or a window decal. I purchased this one from Home Depot and placed it horizontal versus vertical for a vintage feel. Once I cut it to size, the process was straightforward and effortless. Besides, nothing says “spa” like that leafy touch!

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Roll your towels

The tiniest of changes like this can make your space feel different. Roll your towels and add dry flowers to give your bathroom that new feeling.

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Do not hoard, organize

Keep your sink counter coordinated. Anything that doesn’t match the aesthetic of your restroom and is not used frequently can be put out of sight in those baskets. Besides, you can avoid those terrible looks from Abuelita when she sees the counter full of stuff you don’t use. 

Finally, give yourself that extra treat you deserve

I moved recently, and I made sure my new place had a tub for the sole purpose of soaking in it on occasion. If you are going to soak in your tub, invest in a bath tray. You can place a book, a wine glass, or other goodies on it while you relax, or you can invite Abuelita to a well-deserved spa day!