The Top 12 Most Popular Kitchen Colours of 2024

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country living whitstable kitchen
Brent Darby

“From deeper forest and olive shades to the more subtle tones of eucalyptus and sage, the versatility of the green hue is, in part, what makes it the go-to palette in today’s modern kitchen,” says Jen Nash, Senior Design Lead at Magnet.

“Combining associations with nature and an evocativeness of balance, growth, renewal and harmony, green is a refreshing colour that allows the hardest working room in the home to feel both invigorated and calm in equal measure.”

Pictured: Country Living Whitstable Kitchen at Homebase



most popular kitchen colours
Brent Darby

A well executed black kitchen is clean and fuss-free, and invites a number of options for complimentary colour combinations and feature metalwork.

Bold and moody in expression, if a little tricky to get right, black kitchens are most impactful when you have floods of natural light to brighten darker cabinetry.



most popular kitchen colours
Plain English

A more forgiving shade than all black, inky blues are usually paired with light woods and creamy countertops to offset any heaviness that comes with a wash of dark colour. Greener variations like a teal or sapphire introduce richer undertones that highlight brass or gold metalwork.

Pictured: Bespoke kitchen at Plain English

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most popular kitchen colours grey

One of the more sophisticated shades for a kitchen, suitable for traditional kitchens, with matt charcoal cabinetry and warm wooden surfaces, or more modern and industrial styles with clean lines and slick metalwork. And it forms a brilliant base for an abundance of colour, from pale blue to rich burgundy.

Pictured: Haddon Kitchen at Burbidge Kitchen Makers



most popular kitchen colours

A pristine white kitchen can look like it has been lifted from the pages of a glossy magazine.

Light and airy, this infinitely versatile shade invites a minimalist design scheme full of clean lines and sleek cabinetry, whilst a warmer off-white can be complimented with natural woods, marble, and a plethora of accessories.

Pictured: The Real Shaker Kitchen at deVOL



kitchen cabinet countertop combinations navy and white
Rachel Whiting

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most popular kitchen colours
Farrow & Ball

Pink kitchens require a keen eye to avoid an overly saccharine outcome. Rich or chalky shades of pink can be a sophisticated choice, especially when used on shaker cabinets. And as you can see in this fabulous Farrow & Ball kitchen, pink makes a great pairing with deep blues and brass.

Pictured: Sulking Room Pink at Farrow & Ball



shaker kitchen doors

Classic cream was not as highly sought-after as one might expect, despite being the picture of versatility. A more forgiving shade than pure white, cream has warmer undertones that invite rich metallics (the hanging copper pots and hardware here are a wonderful choice,) along with red or yellow woods.

“Neutrals can achieve the perfect balance of light and space in the kitchen,” says Tom. “The key with a neutral kitchen is to pair cabinetry with contrasting walls and textural elements. This will give the design an edge and create appealing visual interest.”

Pictured: Bespoke Shaker Kitchen at deVOL



small kitchen ideas overhead cabinets
Plain English

A joyful choice making it into the top 12 most popular kitchen colours for 2024. A soft and sunny yolky yellow brightens up a room and provides a deceptively versatile base for highlights of primary blue, a rich aubergine, sky blue, and even burnt orange.

Pictured: Bespoke kitchen at Plain English

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most popular kitchen colours
Plain English

Red is a great choice to uplift darker rooms without much natural light. Combining red cabinetry or even red walls with raw materials, like natural woods and stone, offsets any risk of your reds appearing too bright or garish.

Pictured: Kitchen by Plain English


Light blue

small kitchen ideas
British Standard Cupboards

The softest blue on our list and one of our favourites. This is a classic country kitchen palette – a pale cornflower blue, crisp whites and touch of warm wood. Another match here would be small pops of cheerful buttercup yellow.

Pictured: Kitchen by British Standard Cupboards



most popular kitchen colours
Brent Darby

A rich and warming shade in twelfth place. It can be relatively easy to mix browns as long as you have some uniformity in your finishes – keep your lacquered woods and rougher raw finishes separate. A bright white wall or the milky white of marble usually makes a great companion.

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