The most stylish bathroom decor ideas for 2024

If you’re taking on a decorating project in your home, the bathroom is a great place to start. Whether you have a large space and stand-alone bathtub or an ensuite with just a shower, there’s so much you can do to give your bathroom a new look.

No matter how you plan to redecorate, there are plenty of options for transforming your bathroom. Whether you opt for a full redesign or just want to spruce up your space with some new accessories, storage or shelves, the opportunities are abundant.

If you’re looking to give your bathroom a new lease of life, we spoke to eight interiors experts about their bathroom decor advice. Here’s what they told us…

Bathroom decor ideas: bathroom cabinets

A bathroom cabinet is a must for any bathroom space; allowing you to store everything that you need to keep in the bathroom. And, cabinets can offer so much more than just storage. If you choose wisely, aesthetic options can help enhance your bathroom space.

Not sure what cabinets or storage to opt for? The Good Housekeeping experts have some ideas. “”Ladder units are having a moment,” explains Gaby Huddart, Good Housekeeping’s Editor-in-Chief. “Use one to store essentials, like towels and toiletries, and jazz it up with some house plants and a candle to add your own personal touch.”

If your bathroom space is small, look for options that you can mount on the wall. Good Housekeeping’s Home and Gardens Director, Carolyn Bailey, thinks a stylish wall cabinet can be a brilliant addition to any bathroom, even a small one.

Nautical Ladder Shelves
Dunelm Nautical Ladder Shelves
Credit: Dunelm
Fern Wood Medicine Cabinet
Anthropologie Fern Wood Medicine Cabinet
Credit: Anthropologie
Grey Wood and Wicker Storage Unit, Dunelm, £40
Dunelm Grey Wood and Wicker Storage Unit, Dunelm, £40
Credit: Dunelm

Bathroom decor ideas: bathroom tiles

Whether you’re fully redecorating or just looking to add a splash of colour or a pattern to your bathroom, tiles can help you achieve this.

“Look to transform your bathroom tiles with on trend colours, shapes and laying patterns,” says Harriet Goodacre, Style Consultant at Topps Tiles. “Combining geometric shapes with eye-catching shades like hot pink is a great way to achieve the ultimate design statement, especially when partnered with deeper earthier colours like dark blue or forest green.”

Nature-focused colours are also in style at the moment, according to Harriet. “Another key interior trend this year includes bringing the outside, in,” she says. “Adding wood effect tiles to your bathroom lets you bring a touch of nature into your space whilst giving you the convenience and ease of maintenance you get with tiles. “

Cliq™ Hot Pink Tile, Topps Tiles, £75.60 (per SQM)
Topps Tiles Cliq™ Hot Pink Tile, Topps Tiles, £75.60 (per SQM)
Credit: Topps
Hope Espresso Brick Effect Tiles, Walls and Floors, £36.95 (per SQM)
Walls and Floors Hope Espresso Brick Effect Tiles, Walls and Floors, £36.95 (per SQM)
Credit: Walls and Floors
Cosmopolitan Sage Ceramic Tiles, Wickes, £11.99 (per SQM)
Wickes Cosmopolitan Sage Ceramic Tiles, Wickes, £11.99 (per SQM)
Credit: Wickes

Bathroom decor ideas: bathroom mirrors

A mirror is an essential for any bathroom. If chosen and placed correctly, it can add illumination to your space and make it appear bigger, while being practical for tasks like doing your makeup.

“Mirrors can transform the entire feel of a bathroom,” explains Tom Lawrence-Levy, Founder of Natural Aesthetik. “A frameless mirror with LED lighting can give a bathroom a much more modern feel. Alternatively, depending on the material and shape of the frame, framed mirrors can serve as a focal point for the bathroom, creating a more dramatic and artistic feel.”

Want to make your bathroom appear larger than it is? “A longer mirror can give a feel of a larger and taller room, while a wide mirror also gives the illusion of a larger space,” explains Tom. “Lately I’ve been preferring irregular or unique shaped options as they turn the mirror into a piece of art.”

ANYDAY Thin Metal Frame Round Wall Mirror, 65cm, Gold
John Lewis ANYDAY Thin Metal Frame Round Wall Mirror, 65cm, Gold
Credit: John Lewis
Ribbed Bathroom Mirror Light
M&S Ribbed Bathroom Mirror Light
Credit: M&S
Stockholm LED Landscape Mirror
Dunelm Stockholm LED Landscape Mirror
Credit: Dunelm

Bathroom decor ideas: bathroom lighting

Lighting is a key thing to consider in your bathroom. The right lighting combination can help lift your space.

“An area a lot of people don’t consider but can make or break your bathroom is lighting,” says Charlie Avara, Managing Director at All Done Design. “The perfectly lit bathroom needs a minimum of two separate circuits for lighting – the practical overhead spotlights and a separate circuit for mood lighting.”

Choosing the right lighting will help make your bathroom a relaxing space that you enjoy spending time in. “It’s so easy to make your bathroom a calming inner sanctuary with the right lights,” says Charlie. “This could be a couple of small marker lights in a shower niche, an LED strip light under the vanity unit, or a small decorative wall light over the mirror. Allowing for mood lighting as well as practical lighting means you can completely transform the space when you have guests over or if you want to have a relaxing bath.”

Voyager Bathroom Wall Light
Dunelm Voyager Bathroom Wall Light

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Credit: Dunelm
Tela Bathroom Black Ceiling Fitting, Dunelm, £60
Dunelm Tela Bathroom Black Ceiling Fitting, Dunelm, £60
Credit: Dunelm
Yuko 3 Light Bathroom Light, Argos, £25
Argos Yuko 3 Light Bathroom Light, Argos, £25
Credit: Argos

Bathroom decor: bathroom paint

If you’re trying to redo your bathroom on a budget, paint can be a great way to give your bathroom a whole new look in a cost-effective way.

Need some colour inspiration? “There’s a real trend towards warmer neutrals in bathrooms at the moment,” says Rob Abrahams, Co-Founder of COAT Paints. “The days of bright white and stark greys are behind us, with lots of people turning towards greige and taupe shades. These colours help turn a sometimes-chilly space into a more warm and welcoming ‘Zen’ sanctuary.”

When it comes to complimenting your paint with your decor choices, Rob has some advice. “Off the back of that colour shift, we’re seeing people use more natural materials in bathrooms. So instead of polished tile, it’s raw stone or travertine. Instead of veneer and polished metal, it’s unfinished wood and rustic matt finishes. Combined, this aesthetic is minimal but far from stark.”

Oxford Stone Paint, Farrow and Ball, from £49.50
Farrow and Ball Oxford Stone Paint, Farrow and Ball, from £49.50
Credit: Farrow and Ball
Good Intentions Soft Sheen Paint, COAT, £40
COAT Good Intentions Soft Sheen Paint, COAT, £40
Credit: COAT
Light Gray Paint, Farrow and Ball, from £49.50
Farrow and Ball Light Gray Paint, Farrow and Ball, from £49.50
Credit: Farrow and Ball

Bathroom decor: bathroom accessories

Choose accessories that compliment the design and feeling you want to create in your bathroom.

“Soap dispensers, soap dishes, bath trays and tissue holders should all tell the same story as the bathroom you’re designing,” explains Tom Lawrence-Levy. “If you’re going for a more natural feel, my go-tos are definitely marble or stone look accessories typically in neutral tones, such as off white or taupe. For a more modern look it’s definitely good to go with a matte black finish for these looks, to give an overall sleeker appearance.”

Black Bamboo Bath Rack
20% Off Black Bamboo Bath Rack

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Credit: Dunelm
Ernestine Bath Mat
Anthropologie Ernestine Bath Mat
Credit: Anthropologie
Marble Soap Dispenser, Marks and Spencer, £19
Marks and Spencer Marble Soap Dispenser, Marks and Spencer, £19
Credit: M&S

Bathroom decor ideas: bathroom house plants

Everyone loves a house plant and bathrooms can be the perfect environment for many plants to thrive in. Not only will placing house plants here be aesthetically pleasing, but they can also help to purify the air in some circumstances.

“We recommend filling your bathroom with green plants,” says Dani Turner, Customer Experience Director at Bunches. “Not only will these add dimension to the room but also help to purify the air. Gorgeous green plants such as Dracaenas, ferns or even an Elephant Ear plant are the perfect choice for bringing nature to your bathroom decor.”

If you prefer to opt for flowers in the bathroom, this is also possible. “For florals, we suggest scented stems such as Eucalyptus for your bathroom,” says Dani. “This fragrant foliage will add a sophisticated spa feel to your showers – the steam will activate a release of essential oils, emitting their beautiful scent whilst helping to alleviate feelings of stress and anxiety. Simply tie the stems around your shower head for a little at-home aromatherapy.”

'Campio' Bird's Nest Fern, Crocus, £17.24
Crocus ‘Campio’ Bird’s Nest Fern, Crocus, £17.24
Credit: Crocus
'Polly' Elephant's Ear, Waitrose Garden, £19.99
Waitrose Garden ‘Polly’ Elephant’s Ear, Waitrose Garden, £19.99
Credit: Waitrose
24pcs Eucalyptus Stems Artificial
Leixi 24pcs Eucalyptus Stems Artificial
Credit: Amazon

Bathroom decor ideas: bathroom candles

The bathroom is a space to enjoy experimenting with decor inside, so look for decorative candles to add a touch of vibrancy. “The bathroom is one of the first rooms we step into every day,” reminds Hannah McGee, candle-maker and founder of Pepper Loves. “Therefore, it’s important to surround ourselves with joyful decor and accessories that bring a smile and moment of calm to us before we start the day.”

You can also opt for scented candles to compliment your gorgeous-looking bathroom with a great scent. Which smell you choose for depends on what feeling you want to create in your bathroom. For a relaxing vibe, look for candles that incorporate smells like lavender, chamomile and sage. Alternatively, to create a smell that compliments running water in your bathroom, look for sea-based scents like salt, driftwood and eucalyptus.

Copal Scented Tin Candle
Etsy Copal Scented Tin Candle
Credit: Etsy
Calm Candle & Refill Set
Marks & Spencer Calm Candle & Refill Set
Credit: M&S
Seychelles Candle, The White Company, £22
The White Company Seychelles Candle, The White Company, £22
Credit: White Company

Refresh your bathroom decor this year.