The ideal price for wine fridges from Bodega43

The quality of the Wine fridges from Bodega43 is apparent when comparing them to other wine fridges. They pride themselves in delivering units that are high quality and splendid designs. These units provide an optimal environment to safeguard your wine collection.

They see themselves as the best for their different models and sizes. They range from small wine fridges to slimmer and taller versions of conventional wine fridges. Their prices are attractive and differ from model to model. For example, the 43180 wine cooler is less expensive than the taller version. It is a definite “yes” to consider them before purchasing a wine fridge.

There are also dual and single zone wine fridges available at Bodega43. But when concentrating on the dual-zone, it is unmistakable that they are top class units offering unique and specialised surroundings. Another more descriptive word to emphasise the correct space in a wine fridge is “ Terroir of Wine”. This term means “a sense of place”, which encircles all factors that play a part in preserving many wines. But this definition is not for all of us. Therefore, you need to consider looking at their dual-zone tall wine fridge seriously.

A dual-zone wine fridge

The definition of a dual-zone wine fridge is a unit where there are two compartments inside the wine fridge that brings forth two different temperature zones. Inside this unit, there is usually a steel divider separating the wine fridge’s inside. This incredible invention is intended to cater to the wine lover’s taste for white and red wine.

When considering a red wine needs a warmer temperature, that will contribute to the known fact that they need to be stored for more extended periods. This aspect will then let the red wine age correctly. Conversely, white wine needs a cooler environment as they are consumed over a shorter period.

In addition, it is believed by most wine connoisseurs that white wine needs to be served between 45 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit. And red wine’s temperature ranges between 58 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit, much higher than white wine. When looking at a single zone wine fridge, it only caters for one specific type of wine. Provide the correct temperature setting for red or white.

The summary

Bodega43 is one of the best manufacturers of wine refrigeration. They offer all shapes and designs. The most sought after unit is the slim and tall wine fridge with its sleek and metal design. All these types of units come at affordable prices. If you are considering an expensive wine fridge but need to consider your budget, you might want to invest in a compact wine cabinet.

All of their models come with LED lights attached inside, which makes the display of your wine bottles make the visual appeal even more significant. Also, glass temper proof doors are equipped to prevent harmful UV rays. You should take into consideration the best prices at Bodega43.