The Best Bath Mats To Brighten Up Your Bathroom

From cheeky slogans to colourful designs, this easy swap will give the room a whole new look.

8 Cute Bath Mats To Brighten Up Your Bathroom

The best thing about small rooms? A simple swap is all it takes to create a whole new look. If you’re looking to give your bathroom a much-needed refresh, there’s no need to break out the paint rollers or start ripping up tiles—just lay down a splashy new bath mat and call it a day. (Adding a few cute new bathroom accessories helps, too.)

Whether you’re a bath or shower person, adding a plush, absorbent rug to your decor is a simple upgrade. But shopping for a bath mat is far from easy when there are so many cute options to consider.

How to pick a bath mat for your bathroom

Start by measuring your bathroom to get a sense for the size you’ll need. “Bath mats are a necessity when coming out of the shower or tub,” explains Vanessa Francis, an interior designer based in Milton, Ont. “I prefer bath mats that are like towels but smaller in size and similar to what you are provided with in a hotel.” 

Whether you’re browsing online or shopping in-store, seek out bath mats made with quick-drying materials, like cotton. “100 percent cotton is preferable, and if it’s Egyptian cotton or organic cotton even better,” says Francis. “Egyptian cotton is softer whereas organic cotton is manufactured in a more sustainable way using less resources which is healthier for the planet.” 

Francis often avoids plush bath mats because they come with a non-stick latex backing and can’t be placed in the dryer. “It’s much simpler to just toss the cotton towel ones into the washer and dryer,” she says. 

Having a washable bath mat ensures ease when ridding your mat of budding mildew or mould. “[It] very important because you are stepping onto it with clean feet,” says Francis. (A good rule of thumb: Wash your bath mat every two weeks.) 

From cheeky slogans to colourful designs, we’ve rounded up a few of our top picks.

The best bath mats to shop for 2024

Panstar Monstera Leaf Bath Mat, $55

A Panstar green monstera leaf bath mat for a round up of cute bath mats for the bathroom.

Step out of the shower and into a lush garden thanks to this cute monstera leaf bathroom rug. It features a non-slip latex base to keep it from slipping on wet bathroom floors and an absorbent microfibre upper.

It’s easy to wash frequently without worry of colours bleeding or fading, too. Commit to the theme by adding green bath towels and potted plants to your decor.

Hi Space Non-Slip Bath Mat, $35

A floral Hi Space bath mat from Amazon for a round up of cute bath mats for the bathroom.

Whether you’re a tub or shower kind of person, you can’t go wrong with a whimsical and colourful mat. Add this one to a pastel-hued bathroom or powder room for instant perkiness. It has scalloped edge and features soothing hues. Plus, it’s made from absorbent microfiber.

To avoid the excessive shedding that sometimes comes with plush textiles, wash this mat by hand or on a cold cycle.

Anthropologie Riviera Bath Mat, $78

A blue-and-white floral Anthropologie bath mat for a round up of cute bath mats for the bathroom.

Though the elaborate design looks delicate, this cotton bath mat is machine-washable on a cold cycle. We love the unusual shape and the soft, comfy high pile. It comes in five pretty hues, including blue, pink and cream.

Urban Outfitters Twirly Bow Bath Mat, $54

A bow bath mat from Urban Outfitters for an article on cute bath mats.

This coquette bow-shaped bath mat is the perfect way to add a soft feminine touch to a bathroom. Made from plush tufted cotton, it can also be used to add warmth to a bedroom or vanity area.

If pink doesn’t work with your decor, opt for the blue or lavender option instead.

Simons Maison Recycled Cotton Bath Mat, $24

A Simons Maison orange wedge bath mat for a round up of cute bath mats for the bathroom.

What’s better than starting the day with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice? This zesty slice brings your favourite morning ritual into the bathroom. It’s made from 100 percent recycled cotton, making it extra absorbent and quick-drying.

This bath mat is thinner than others, which means it can be easily be washed and dried. Be sure to hand-wash or machine-wash on cold to keep the bright colours from fading over time.

Inshere Peachy Clean Bath Mat, $30

An Inshere peach-shaped bath mat that reads 'Peachy Clean' for a round up of cute bath mats for the bathroom.

A playful bath rug is the perfect way to show off your personality. This peach-shaped option is a cheeky decor choice. It can be paired with matching peach-theme shower curtains to complete the look.

Inshere Get Naked Bath Mat, $34

An Inshere pink and white 'Get Naked' bath mat for a round up of cute bath mats for the bathroom.

This stripped down design is ideal to bring a little whimsy to a neutral bathroom. It features a plush microfibre fabric that absorbs water and drips and has a non-slip backing to help it stay in place.

Plus, it’s a real conversation starter for a guest bathroom or vacation property.

A black, white and beige bath mat from H&M for a round up of cute bath mats for the bathroom.

If you’re looking for a fresh take on floral bathroom decor, we’ve found just the thing. This pattern has a graphic, modern quality that works in any space.

It’s made with 100 percent recycled cotton for a quick drying time.

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