Small bathtubs are extremely popular for bathrooms with limited space. A standard bathtub is usually around 60 inches long x 30 inches wide x 14-16 inches high. This is the most comfortable size for the average person, but it might feel a little cramped if you’re over 6’.

Anything less than those dimensions would be considered a small bathtub. However, this does not mean that they are uncomfortable. Small bathtubs are often deeper to account for the lack of length, so you will still be up to your neck in that beautifully warm water. Read on for a list of deep bathtubs for small bathrooms.

Most of the time, people only choose small bathtubs when their bathroom is too small for a full size tub. There are some exceptions; people who live in remote areas may have a small outdoor bathtub for secluded nights with nature, and families with young children often opt for a smaller bathtub at first for safety reasons. For the most part, small bathtubs are the saving grace of tiny bathrooms.

There are numerous reasons why having a bathtub is a good idea. Baths have a number of health benefits including:

  • Ease muscle pain
  • Burn calories
  • Relieve symptoms of illness
  • Improve sleep
  • Elevate mood
  • Soothe skin

The only real downside to a bath is that it takes up more space. However, with these tiny tubs that is barely even an issue! Read on to see some of the best small bathtub sizes available in Australia to bring a little luxury into your bathroom.

Very small baths for small bathrooms: The best bathtub for small bathroom design ideas

10. Ukiyo acrylic freestanding bath – Matte white 1280mm

This inspired Japanese bath has a crisp round design which effortlessly melts into the bathroom décor. The rounded edges help to soften the look of the bath, making it the perfect candidate to squeeze into a small space. This acrylic bath with a matte white finish is for sale here from ABI interiors for $3,399.

09. Decina Cosmo 1300mm Freestanding bath

This tiny bath is perfect for small spaces. It is much deeper than the average bath, so rest assured that your baths will still be the luxurious and relaxing experience that you need. This bath is designed with comfort in mind, with the lively design curved to fit the shape of your body and support your back while you soak.

It will also keep the water warmer for longer than the average bath as there is less internal surface area – so you can stay toasty warm for longer. You can purchase the Decina Cosmo bath here from The Blue Space for $1,751.

08. Bathroom thin free standing tub 1000mm x 700mm x 580mm

This beautiful bathtub has a contemporary rectangular design ideal for running against the wall. It has a thin edge and streamlined design that will fit perfectly in most small bathrooms.

Made from sanitary grade acrylic with reinforced fibre glass, this bathtub provides a comfortable and clean space to relax. It is modern, simple and elegant – and the feet are adjustable. It is also one of the most affordable bathtubs on the market. You can purchase this small bathtub here from Renolink for just $723.

07. 1700mm/1500mm Artemis v groove fluted free standing white tub

The stunning fluted design of this bathtub stands out as an elegant décor choice. This bathtub is slightly larger than the other models on this list, but if you can manage to fit it inside your small bathroom you will not be sorry!

It is also available in either 1500mm or 1700mm lengths. This bathtub has an up to 10 years product warranty and guarantees no overflow during use. You can purchase it here from Bathroom Sales Direct for $1,997.

06. Bathroom gloss white Alice back to wall bathtub with no overflow 1575mm

This bath is also on the larger side of small, but the benefit of its design is that it actually won’t take up much floor space. Because of the sloping edge, the bath gives the appearance of space without encroaching on the floor area around it.

It is the perfect bath to tuck away inside a small bathroom and even has adjustable levelling legs to give you full control over how much space it appears to take. This product has a five year warranty and you can purchase it here from Initial Tiles for just $970.

05. Casa design Auris round back to wall bath matte white

This bath comes in 1400mm, 1500mm and 1700mm sizes – giving you complete flexibility to choose what’s right for your home. It is a deep tub with a stylish tap that will provide a comfortable safe to soak without detracting from bathroom space. You can purchase this tiny tub here from My Deal for $1435.50.

04. Sunken bathtub

A sunken bathtub is an excellent way to save space for those who have the money to renovate a small bathroom. They are luxurious, easier to get in and out of, and much more aesthetically pleasing. They also take up less space than the average bulky bathtub.

03. Fienza vintage clawfoot bathtub


This elegant freestanding bathtub comes in 1500mm and 1700mm lengths and is sure to bring a little sophistication into your bathroom. It has a 10 year warranty and adjustable legs. Purchase here from The Blue Space at $1,699 for an authentic vintage look.

02. Corrugated ribbed oval freestanding bath matte black 1500mm

For something a little different, consider this sleek contemporary bath. The matt black finish is unique and sure to make your small bathroom pop. Purchase here from ATS Sydney for $2,990.

01. Cassa Design V-groove corner bathtub 1500mm

This luxurious bathtub has a clever design that will allow you to fit it neatly against the corner of your bathroom. This will allow you to save space and minimize bathroom bulk. The modern and Nordic design with a fluted v-groove texture is sophisticated and contemporary. You can purchase this iconic bathtub here from Ideal Bathroom Centre for $2,180.

By OngkyF