Six spring, summer trends for home

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Culinary décor, athletic aesthetics and romcom-inspired interiors that may move you to break out the tissue box as you binge-watch your favourite romantic comedies are among this spring and summer’s hottest trends, according to Etsy.

Let’s dive into the online marketplace’s home décor predictions, some of which just may transport you back to simpler times: 

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Trend No. 1: Chef’s kiss. As the culinary world becomes a dominant force in the cultural zeitgeist, shoppers are spicing things up with everything from foodie-inspired art and hosting gifts to clothing and accessories that reflect their favourite food or cocktail. Etsy predicts this “new iteration” of dopamine dressing and décor will heat up even more this year, complete with foodie-inspired art that it describes as a “feast for the eyes.” 

Decorating tips: “My favourite way to incorporate this trend in the home is through food and cocktail themed art and printed napkins, tea towels and other textiles,” Etsy trend expert Dayna Isom Johnson says. “There are so many fun options on Etsy from sellers who illustrate, embroider or even screen-print these whimsical pieces that add a pop of personality to your kitchen or even a bar cart area.”

Trend No. 2: Western 2.0. Yee-haw. You can tip your cowboy hat to the music megastars who’ve been embracing the country genre and its aesthetics for this trend. The iconic Western look has evolved from rugged cowboy roots to incorporate elements like leather, suede and fringe with a touch of glam, Etsy reports. 

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Toast the chef’s kiss trend with artwork that celebrates delicious bites and delightful chefs.
Toast the chef’s kiss trend with artwork that celebrates delicious bites and delightful chefs. Photo by ETSY photograph

Decorating tips: Western 2.0 is all about mixing classic, timeless elements like distressed leather furniture and denim accents with more modern and contemporary pieces so that your whole space doesn’t feel too rugged, Isom Johnson reports. “Some of my favourite ways to infuse western influences right now are through cow print textiles, vintage horseshoes and cowboy boot motifs, which are a very popular candle shape as of late.”

Trend No. 3: Sports-core. From classic retro jerseys and oversized rugby shirts to golf-themed posters and prints, athletic aesthetics are on trend, Etsy reports. 

Decorating tips: “This summer is set to be filled with global games excitement and I love the idea of leaning into sporty aesthetics for summer entertaining. On Etsy, there are so many tennis and pickleball inspired table décor that make for a cute themed party. I also love incorporating backyard games like cornhole and ring toss, which you can even get personalized on Etsy.”

Trend No. 4: Garden girl. Flowers for spring may not be groundbreaking, Etsy admits, but this year shoppers are stopping to smell the roses and embracing their inner ‘garden girl’ by inviting nature’s beauty into their lives.

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This crocheted pillow complements the time-honoured textiles trend.
This crocheted pillow complements the time-honoured textiles trend. Photo by ETSY photograph

Decorating tips: “The ‘garden girl’ aesthetic is all about inviting nature’s beauty into your space through botanical motifs and natural, ruffled textiles that resemble blossoms. For the warmer months ahead, I’m all about pastel linen in the home: napkins, tablecloths, bedding and more,” says Isom Johnson. The self-described “dedicated plant mom” will refresh her indoor and outdoor planters with brightly-coloured ceramic and hand-painted flower pots.

 Trend No. 5: Time-honoured textiles. Crochet, quilted and embroidered details are seeing a major revival in both home décor and fashion, underscoring a desire for quality pieces with a handmade touch, Etsy notes. . 

Time-honoured textiles like this comfort quilt offer a handmade touch to a favourite space.
Time-honoured textiles like this comfort quilt offer a handmade touch to a favourite space. Photo by ETSY photograph

Decorating tips: “Quilted and crocheted pieces are timeless and they represent a long tradition of craftsmanship,” Isom Johnson says. “Sourcing authentic vintage items is a fabulous way to honour the past and add character to your home and I’m also loving the new wave of contemporary stitchers on Etsy who are creating really interesting modern quilts that are equally as stunning when used as a bedspread or hung on a wall as art.”

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This linen couch cover gives off romcom vibes.
This linen couch cover gives off romcom vibes. Photo by ETSY photograph

Trend No. 6: Romcom interiors. The 1990s and early 2000s vibe that took over fashion is making its way into our living spaces, according to Etsy. Driven by a longing for a “simpler, pre-social media era,” shoppers are embracing a “cozy, approachable and timeless décor style reminiscent of classic romcoms.” Heavily-styled bookshelves are the new gallery walls, patterns and prints live in harmony, and homes that feel “alive and lived in” trump minimalist or perfectly curated spaces, it says. 

Decorating tips: Isom Johnson is pleased to see shoppers moving away from feeling the need to have sleek, minimal picture-perfect homes and are craving something a little more real. 

“This trend is all about layering, and creating a home that feels truly lived-in and a little nostalgic,” she says. “Vintage, antique and flea market finds are really the ticket to transforming your space into a home that brings you comfort, just like your favourite ‘90s romcom.”

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