SieMatic S2 Next Generation Kitchen Design

During Milan Design Week, SieMatic showcased its S2 Next Generation kitchen design, featuring innovative elements like SecretSpace and SecretService.

German kitchen manufacturer SieMatic presented its S2 Next Generation design during Milan Design Week in the brand’s flagship showroom, SieMatic Monte Santo. Showcasing the cutting-edge features and aesthetic prowess of the SieMatic S2 Next Generation, the kitchen design includes special elements such as SecretSpace and SecretService, elevating the culinary experience to unprecedented levels.

The SieMatic S2 Next Generation, unveiled for the first time during the SieMatic Interior Design Days in September, has already garnered widespread anticipation. Available for orders now or in the coming months, this culinary masterpiece promises to revolutionize kitchen design with its blend of modularity, personalization, and enduring elegance.

Jörg Overlack, Director of Brand and Communication at SieMatic, describes the SieMatic S2 Next Generation as an iconic blend of design, materials, and innovative features. With its warmth and modularity, this handle-less classic seamlessly integrates into living spaces, promising to delight users with its functionality and durability.

Award-winning Organization System and Luxurious Craftsmanship

The artistic fusion of avant-garde and timeless elegance defines the SieMatic S2 Next Generation. Behind its elegant façades lies a meticulously crafted interior, leveraging space efficiently with the award-winning MultiMatic organization system. From the brushed golden bronze aluminum elements to the walnut cabinets, every detail exudes luxury and functionality.

The MultiMatic organization system by SieMatic is renowned for its versatility and efficiency in maximizing storage space within kitchen cabinets. It offers adjustable shelving, trays, and dividers that can be easily reconfigured to accommodate various items, from pots and pans to utensils and pantry essentials. With MultiMatic, users have the flexibility to customize their kitchen storage solutions according to their specific needs, ensuring a clutter-free and organized culinary space. The SieMatic S2, a product of 35 years of pioneering spirit, shows promise of setting new standards in kitchen design. Its distinctive horizontal and vertical grooves, along with the anodized golden bronze accents, imbue the kitchen with a luxurious yet inviting character.

The SieMatic StoneDesign countertops, crafted from durable Atalaia super blanco ceramic, showcase meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. With a palette of over 2,050 hues, the SieMatic S2 Next Generation offers limitless customization options, allowing users to create their unique living spaces. Whether concealing appliances behind stylish cabinets or seamlessly integrating functional elements, this kitchen design exemplifies the marriage of form and function.

SecretSpace, Secret Service, and Stone Design of S2 Next Generation

Invisible yet essential, the SieMatic S2 Next Generation maximizes efficiency without compromising aesthetics. Its innovative features, such as pivotable cabinet elements and flat drawers, seamlessly integrate into the kitchen’s design, showcasing a harmonious blend of sophisticated materials and carefully selected colors.

The SecretSpace storage solution offers concealed shelving behind elegant doors, transforming the kitchen into a showcase for stored items when the doors are open. The SecretSlide worktops of the SieMatic S2 integrate seamlessly into the living area, offering multifunctional space. These sliding worktops reveal hidden appliances and storage compartments, adding a touch of innovation and creativity to kitchen design.

Discreetly concealed within the recessed channel of the SieMatic S2, SecretService is a small yet ingenious drawer designed to store flat and delicate items. It offers customizable storage options for items such as knives, smartphones, and jewelry, maintaining the clean lines and elegant presence of the handle-less S2 design.

The wide range of single, double, and four-panel sliding doors in the SieMatic S2 Next Generation offers numerous design possibilities. When closed, these doors preserve the purist and timeless presence of the SieMatic kitchen design, adding to its elegance and sophistication.

With the SieMatic IndividualColourSystem offering over 2,050 hues in high gloss and velvet matte finishes, users have almost infinite customization options to tailor their kitchen space according to their preferences. This level of customization ensures that each SieMatic S2 kitchen is unique to the user’s style.

The SieMatic S2 Next Generation extends its appeal with the SieMatic StoneDesign experience, offering a diverse selection of fine stone materials for countertops, monoblocks, and kitchen shelves. Inspired by the timeless allure of pink marble from the historic Candoglia quarry, SieMatic provides kitchen enthusiasts with options ranging from natural to engineered stone and ceramic.

SieMatic S2 Next Generation. Courtesy of SieMatic.

With three distinct StoneDesign materials available, SieMatic enables customization to suit individual preferences and design requirements, ensuring every kitchen reflects unparalleled elegance and craftsmanship.