Set Up That Gorgeous Christmas Table

Christmas and the upcoming holiday season is the perfect time to catch up with friends and family. If you have been planning to throw breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner, for your loved ones, we get you some tips by experts, to set up your festive table. Play with accessories, table cloth, flowers and deck up your dining space. These ideas and tips will set the tone and vibe for a festive meal.

Pay Attention To Details

“I meticulously craft festive feasts, focusing on the art of setting a table for year-end celebrations. Each detail contributes to the ambience, from the perfectly chosen tablecloth to coordinated placemats and neatly folded napkins, creating an inviting atmosphere. These carefully curated elements strike a delicate balance between style and function, enhancing the dining experience. The key lies in personalisation and experimentation to ensure the table reflects your taste and the essence of the occasion, says Sanjana Lunia, Founder, Eris Home.

Small details can add to the festive ambience. (Picture Credit: Canva)

Add Drama To The Table

“Wooden platters and Candle Holders are my go to accessory while laying a table. They are perfect to add height and create that whimsical vibe. Layer them in multiples to create visual interest. Also while setting up it’s important to create a stunning centrepiece. It could be a floral arrangement, a bowl filled with ornaments, or even a collection of pinecones and greenery. It is a wonderful way to bring holiday cheer to your home,” says Aashima Rajpal of Logam.

Accessories play a pivotal role in adding both glamour and practicality. “Stylish table runners, striking centrepieces, and elegant candle holders infuse warmth and sophistication. Coordinated and quality dinnerware heighten the visual appeal, while gold or metallic accents add a touch of luxury,” says Sanjana.

Dining table accessories will make the mealtime fun. (Picture Credit: Canva)

Table Runner And Table Cloth

The table runner, when used, gracefully complements the setting without overpowering it. Consistent colour schemes and attention to fabric textures elevate the overall aesthetic, balancing formality with comfort.

If you add colour with your tablecloth or you can even use your throw as one, it sets the tone and provides a backdrop for other elements. You can mix textures like satin and velvet for an interesting look.

Quick Ideas For Festive Table Setting

Classic Table Setting

  • Choose plates that look old world and vintage. The don’t even have to match. They work if the colour scheme of the plates work.
  • For flatware, opt classic and silver.
  • For napkins, you can never go wrong with a classic white. Little embroidery on them gives it an old world charm.
  • Look for glasses that have etchings on them, that would give it a traditional feel.
  • Use off-white, classic candles on a stand with a hurricane globe.
  • Add silver salt cellars and maybe if you have wine coasters to accessorise the table.

Contemporary Table Setting

  • Use white square plates instead of round ones to add to the fun.
  • Since it’s Christmas, opt for simple flatware with gold finish.
  • Use stemless wine glasses and glass tumblers for water.
  • Add drama to the centerpiece and add a giant or tall cylindrical vase. Add some flowers of your choice. Bright red blooms goes well with white and gold.
  • Add two votive candles around the centerpiece.
  • Add miniature Christmas trees around the table as accessories.
  • Choose contemporary style decanters for water or wine.