Rachael’s 2022 Home Holiday Decor Includes Scandanavian Sleigh, Fruit Garland + Caviar Trees

Rach is a BIG fan of the holiday season (who isn’t?!), so it when it comes to her decorations, it’s no surprise she goes all out.  

Last year, she showed us not only her Christmas decor in her house upstate, but also her New York City apartment—and both were truly incredible. This year, Rach is back upstate for the holidays and she’s giving us the grand tour.  

“Since we lost our home, this is going to be our second Christmas back. We’re slowly rebuilding, guys, and we wanted to give you a little tour of what we did this year with the help of several elves,” says Rach.  

Let’s start outside!  


“This Scandinavian sleigh actually survived the fire. We fill it seasonally with different decorations, but this is a wedding sleigh. Can you imagine how small the couple had to be? The size of this sleigh is like a cradle,” she says. Plus, with the simple greens and twinkly lights—what’s not to love!  

Now for the inside!  


“Around all of our windows, we have this beautiful Della Robbia. Della Robbia is sugared fruit. You coat the fruit with egg whites and dip it in rock sugar. Of course, these are fabricated. They’re not actual fruits that are going to fall off any second. This reminds me of my grandpa and brings him back to life for me every Christmas. Makes me want to cry like a baby,” says Rach.  

Now for the living room! 


“When I was a little girl, I stayed awake all night, so [my family called me] a little hoot, so there’s a lot of owls here. The first tree I ever did in this house was our owl tree, and we have that.” (How cute!)  


“My creepy raccoon that I love, Stanley is his name,” she says. 

And Rach even decorated the guest house this year! 


“This is the little house, what used to be our guest house and was our house for two and a half years. We just have more Della Robbia trying to tie things together. Our tiny tree was our only tree when we were here and filming, because we were so overwhelmed. But, now we have a couple more trees.” 


“These are the gastronomy trees. They’re twins and they’re covered with [ornaments of] caviar and bonbons, yum.” 

And Rach saved the best for last! 


“This is where our family always stages our Christmas. It’s our little back porch. For the last three years, this has become our tradition. To keep that new tradition alive, this is where we’re going to spend our Christmas again this year. Happy holidays, everyone!”