Preparations underway for 2024 BILD Lethbridge Home, Garden & Leisure Show

Marc Belisle, Vice President of Meibel Consulting said, “To actually be trusted with a homegrown show that’s been living in this city for 20 years, that was our biggest excitement, and then we get to go meet people. Meeting vendors that belong in your community, and the passion and drive, and essentially, the loyalty they have for this show is incredibly inspiring.”

Belisle added, “We want to make sure that we respect that and then continue to grow this thing as a community and build that economic impact right because as the show grows, as we get more people, we are going to drive more people from the attendees’ side, and the vendors’ side to our wonderful city and this fantastic facility.”

One of the sponsors that Meibel was able to bring into the fold is Halo, a non-profit helicopter emergency medical service which has been serving southern Alberta since 2007.

Meibel has introduced a new lottery to the event in conjunction with Halo. Each ticket sold will come with an entry to the lottery, but there’s more.

Belisle said, “Any tickets purchased to the show, that’s one entry. When you get to the show, you can go visit Halo and every single ticket purchased after that to the lottery, all that money goes to them. It goes to allocate, obviously, fitting their new helicopter, supporting the computing staff, whatever it is.”

He continued, “They are the ones taking time out of their day to rescue us who can’t be picked up by car or ambulance.”

Some of the lottery prizes include but are not limited to, a solar panel installation worth $15,000, and custom garage rebuilds.

Another new attraction to the show is the presence of celebrities.

Belisle stated that they plan on having three celebrities present, and so far, he has revealed that one of them will be Anna Olson, a pastry chef, and a host on Food Network Canada. Officials said she will be leading cooking demonstrations, book signings and will partake in panels.

According to Belisle, the biggest draw of this year’s show is the Agri-food Hub and Trade Centre itself.

He said, “The biggest thing is what we are standing in. We are now in the shiniest event centre in southern Alberta. So the fact that we get to now relaunch the show after taking a year of hiatus, in this facility, it is going to be a great way to introduce people that have never seen it before to enjoy the entire ambiance of this and then come back and enjoy the Home and Garden and of course, now adding Leisure, Show.”

General tickets will cost $12.50, and the show will take place March 14 to 16, 2024.

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