Planning Vegetable Gardens | Home and Garden

Winter and spring are exciting for gardeners: We receive seed catalogs, look at beautiful photos, and imagine that bounty filling our kitchens. But with all the choices available, how can we plan a vegetable garden that ensures enough bounty for our needs? When planning gardens, take several things into account: Climates, your family’s needs, preferences, and space.

  • Consider your goals: Do you want a productive hobby, a healthier diet, and a family project? Or do you aim for self-sufficiency?
  • Record your family’s preferences, so you don’t waste time and space on food they won’t eat.
  • Measure your gardening space, including in-ground areas plus opportunities for container gardens.
  • Compare costs at the store. Is this crop cheaper to purchase vs. the time it takes to grow?
  • Choose fun and colorful varieties to keep your garden exciting!