Pick Compatible Houseplants For Your Home | Home and Garden

A garden doesn’t have to be outside on a large piece of property to be considered a garden. In fact, I’d argue a garden can be a collection of cared-for and compatible houseplants strategically placed across the home for enjoyment, design, and function. Maybe you can’t garden outside; maybe you don’t have a porch, patio, or driveway for containers; maybe all you have to work with is a few spots in your home. While that may not yield you baskets of crops, you can still transform those areas into enjoyable indoor grow spaces. Explore these tips for growing plants indoors.

  • You may need to experiment which houseplants work the best in your space, depending on environmental conditions, the plants’ needs, how much space you have, and where you’d like to place them.
  • Even if they’re low-maintenance, observe your houseplants, take note of how they’re doing, and adjust care when needed, just like in any other garden.
  • Try growing herbs, vegetables, or even mushrooms indoors if you want to harvest something from your indoor garden.
  • When you find a space that works for your plant, have fun creating a thoughtful design with them!
  • Take your time. Houseplants are an investment and deserve some thoughtful planning ñ both for the sake of the plants themselves and your time and resources.