Olive Garden Customers Steal Table Ziosk in To-Go Bag

A couple of Olive Garden customers sparked discussion online after taking home much more than just extra breadsticks and a few pieces of silverware. They also took the electronic Ziosk.

In the viral TikTok, Alex (@alexxvonn6) and at least one other friend are seen with a to-go bag at Olive Garden.

When they show viewers what’s inside, one item immediately stands out as not belonging. People are known to steal napkins, silverware, and even cups from casual restaurants like Olive Garden, but these diners took it a step further.

Inside the bag is a bright screen, revealing the Ziosk, the machine at the end of the table used for paying the bill but also for playing digital games.

“Can never take us anywhere,” Alex said in the caption.

The video has garnered over 1.6 million views and more than 550 comments as of Monday morning.

“As an og server who was missing a ziosk at one of my tables today i think i know what happened now,” the top comment, with more than 16,000 likes, read.

“Still gonna have to pay for the games once youre home with it,” a person pointed out.

“Damn I’ve only taken the bread basket, a cheese grater, and a fork,” another wrote.

“Imagine if the bag ripped,” a viewer said.

Since these electronic screens were introduced to Olive Garden restaurants back in 2015, they’ve stirred up issues.

Toward the beginning of their introduction, servers complained that the little machine, which can be used for customers to pay their bill at the end of their meal, was shorting staff on tips by miscalculating them, the Democrat and Chronicle reported.

@alexxvonn6 can never take us anywhere 👁👄👁 #olivegarden #dinner #party #funny #fyp #tablet #pasta ♬ original sound – alexxvonn

On the other hand, customers were upset about hidden charges that came with the Ziosk. See, the machines have games that you can play, but many customers reported that they had no idea they would get charged for playing them. They assumed the games were complimentary until they were hit with a $2 entertainment fee.

Parents were incredibly frustrated since it was easy for their kids to get to the games on the Ziosk and essentially make a purchase without their parent’s permission. Many customers said that a verbal warning from their server about the game charge would go a long way.

The Daily Dot reached out to Alex for comment via TikTok direct message and to Olive Garden via email.

*First Published: Dec 11, 2023, 7:30 am CST

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