Newlyweds’ guide to creating a picture-perfect living room on a budget

It’s a dream for newlyweds to build a living room that represents their affection. We are here to provide a budget-friendly guide for newly married couples on how they can select suitable décor options to create a picture-perfect living room.

The foremost factor that you should consider here is the overall colour profile of the space. Make sure the colour of the furniture blends smoothly with the surrounding walls. Modern designs mostly suggest furniture with mild colours that go well with light backgrounds. A clay-coloured sofa set may sync well with a light orange wall. In the case of white walls, you might go for an all-black furniture set to create a sleek contrast.

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While selecting furniture, go for simplistic designs as they exude modern elegance. There are a lot of models available in the market that look plain and spacious. Chances are high that a throng of guests will visit you right after the wedding. So, it will be much more convenient if you can go for at least a four-seater.

Along with sofas, a simple centre table for serving tea and snacks are must-have. Fix on plain designs because they are easy to keep clean. Fancy ones come with hefty price tags. On top of that, they go beyond practicality and simplicity which might not go well with other furniture.

Choose sleek glass tables as they are more reasonable. Some of these glass tables come with little additional storage for storing magazines and all sorts of little stuff. Simple four-legged wooden tables are also available in abundance but they may require a little extra cash.

Another modern trend is to have a TV cabinet. There are a plethora of options available with different storage alternatives. You can buy ready-to-install models or you can build your own cabinet with custom storage options from local designers.

It is more convenient to opt for ready-to-install models are there is very little hassle. Talk to your nearby furniture store, they may offer a professional team which will arrive at your doorstep to take care of the installation process.

Finally, do not leave too many empty walls. Add a little affection and life to them by creating a wall vignette. When you select objects for vignettes, try linking them to a purpose or a particular shape. Select a proper formation, colour palette, and focus point(s).

It is almost certain that weddings come with multidimensional costs. So, spending a few thousand more, that too on home decor, after a wedding is not in everyone’s pecuniary affair. For them, some furniture stores make purchasing a lot easier by allowing EMI facilities. You can enjoy their product without having to pay the entire amount upfront. What keeps you waiting?


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