New Interior Design Platform Palazzo Harnesses AI To Create The Home Of Your Dreams

Thanks to the power of AI, we have the ability to become masters at everything from writing novels and composing music to analyzing human emotion from a simple facial expression. Now, it seems we can add interior designing to that list as new platform Palazzo is singlehandedly changing how we dress up our homes. Co-founded by Venus Williams — yes, that Venus Williams — the interior space, launched today, harnesses the intelligence of AI to provide customized designs for any room in a living space.

Here’s how it works: Users of the platform can upload imagery of the spaces they want to spruce up. The brand’s sophisticated technology can create the personalized look of their dreams, starting with a custom style quiz that helps the platform hone in on your design DNA and aggregate personalized suggestions. Then, as you get started, segmentation functionality allows you to pick and choose and focus on a specific area in the image without altering its other elements — in the event that you want to keep certain aspects of the space in tact. There’s also an AI digital interior designer named Vinci who will analyze your aesthetic preferences and make suggestions based on them. And for those who love to rely on Pinterest boards for inspiration, the platform also allows you to upload inspo imagery to help you match your own design to it.



Truly, no stone was left unturned with Palazzo. Because design can and should be a collaborative process, the platform is designed for sharing, allowing you to follow and engage with other members, including designers and content creators. And its reward program offers incentives for referring friends.

While these offerings make for a great launching pad for the new design space, Palazzo is just getting started. The company already has plans to release new features, cool collabs with prominent designers and leaders in the interior space, and exciting partnerships with retailers to help users explore a wide variety of decor essentials to match their unique aesthetic.

If Palazzo is the future of interior designer, then the future is bright indeed.