Media elsewhere picked up on this new Nanjing sensation a few weeks ago. Now though, Chinese-media outlets are going crazy for that being called the world’s most-beautiful public toilet. It’s going folk asking, “Can we have a wedding here?”.

That’s right, folks, say hello to the new loo on 6F of Deji Plaza in Nanjing’s Xinjiekou.

Officially opened to the public on 1 September, the overall design, with the theme of “Garden”, is down to Shanghai-based interior designers, X+Living.

Even before its opening, the new “facilities” attracted large numbers to stop by to take photos at the door.

Then the details therein became evident. As one enters, a large number of green plants and flower arrangements come into view. If one is not paying close attention, it’s easy to think the bathroom is just another new restaurant or perhaps the entrance to an art exhibition.

Next come the washstands, inspired by a garden fountain, with the washbasins themselves crafted out of dark-green marble. And what else? This after all, is a public toilet.

The name of the game in Deji’s new w.c. is art deco, the decorative art style evolved from the art-nouveau movement at the end of the 19th century, in which exotic flower patterns and mechanical-style lines combine to present the charm of Europe from the time.

For those already hitched, or not planning on it, Shanghai-based media outlet, The Paper, has gone so far as to share tips for decorating one’s own bathroom at home, so it too can rank among the world’s most beautiful bathrooms.

In particular, it would seem the Chinese are in need of some advice as to what to pair with all that gold they have laying around.

“Generally speaking, dark wood, black, dark green, camel and ivory are good partners for gold”, states that publication. “Of course, the more daring can also try to use pink and other colours that can provide a bit of ‘zing’”.

The Nanjinger each month publishes reviews of recent local openings which readers may be interested to try out; usually restaurants, the odd shop or two, craft-beer bars, things of that nature. Needless to say, a public toilet has yet to grace our pages. Perhaps it’s time.

By OngkyF