Mental Wellness During WInter | Home and Garden

Every season has its challenges, but wintertime can present some increased obstacles to our health, notably our mental health. When temperatures drop, when the weather gets bad, when sunshine seems scarce for weeks, many of us struggle to feel like ourselves. However, implementing a few habits can help pull ourselves out of those winter blues. Explore these wellness tips for winter so you have a plan on how to promote good health when the weather gets cold.

  • Cultivate community to feel connected and find purpose in activities.
  • Keep some destress exercises in your back pocket when you feel overwhelmed, such as turning to a breathing exercise or scent.
  • Create simple rituals that you can look forward to daily and weekly, and enjoy the art of completing them.
  • Know what youíre eating and how it affects you. Consider tweaking your diet to support wellness.
  • Even when itís chilly, take time to move your body and get fresh air.