Joanna Gaines’ new paint range, her love of neutrals and moody colors |

It is hard to choose the talent for which Joanna Gaines is best known. Perhaps it is her presenting role in HGTV’s Fixer Upper or that she is a New York Times bestselling author. It could be her co-foundations at Magnolia, the global empire known for its recipes and curated homeware collections. Or maybe, it is her distinct (and instantly associable) design aesthetic that celebrates contemporary farmhouse style through timeless neutral hues.

While it is hard to single out one of Joanna’s successes, there is one theme at the root of them all, and that is interior design. The designer’s home decor ideas are amongst the most sought-after in the industry, so when Joanna Gaines sat down with H&G, we had to choose our questions carefully. The top of our agenda? Decorating with neutrals, naturally. 

How Joanna Gaines uses neutrals to change her home through the seasons

Joanna Gaines

(Image credit: Joanna Gaines x Magnolia Home Castle Collection)

While our minds are inevitably focused on fall decorating ideas (and moving slowly to Christmas decor ideas), we were keen to hear how Joanna Gaines styles her neutral-hued home through the changing seasons. Unsurprisingly, the designer suggested that – while neutrals work well at this time of the year – their eternal versatility means they are equally as powerful all-year round.