‘I’ve done this for years’

Summer gardens are a great way to get outside in the lovely weather. Unfortunately, we sometimes have to contend with pests that cut into garden success. One garden expert on TikTok showed off an affordable and beautiful way to help keep pests away.

The scoop

Andre (@andrethefarmer) is a TikToker and garden expert who helps followers excel at gardening — giving tips about tomatoes, propagating herbs, and protecting your plants from frost. 

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In a clip from the garden center, Andre tells viewers how to use marigolds in their planting. He shows a 12-pack of orange and yellow marigolds and tells us the flowers are a great companion plant for your garden. 

Andre says: “They’re great for getting rid of nematodes in the soil. They also repel insects that bring a lot of predatory pests to your plants.”

He suggests planting them near your tomato and pepper plants. He then shows his own garden with marigolds planted at the base of one of his plants. 

How it’s helping

Companion planting is a great way to amp up your garden success. This planting method grows plants together that help to increase the resilience and output of your garden.

The Farmers Almanac lists some of the best pairs and groupings, saying: “By growing communities of plants that are known to support each other, you can save a lot of time and potential heartache. This is nature’s way of minimizing pest damage, boosting soil fertility, reducing weed competition, and ultimately, increasing yields.”

Even without using companion planting, gardening is a great way to save money at the grocery store. According to our guide, most home gardeners can save around $600 during the growing season. 

Growing food saves you money, and it benefits your mental and physical health by getting your body moving and reducing stress. Plus, it helps to reduce food miles — much of the food you buy in the grocery store has to travel thousands of miles before it reaches your plate. These food miles have a massive carbon footprint, so your home garden also helps the planet. 

What everyone’s saying

Commenters seem to already love marigolds, reinforcing their effectiveness. 

One person wrote: “I always plant these to keep pests away from my vegetable plants.”

Another gardener said: “Been using them in my community garden and around my apartment. You have to deadhead regularly, but they are easy to grow.”

Someone else commented: “I’ve done this for years and it does work.”

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