Is Bathroom Carpet Due for a Comeback?

Nowadays the rarity of carpet in bathrooms is part of the appeal because it brings back the ’60s, before synthetic fibers and tufting machines were commonplace in production. “While it’s not something I’d do for everyone, there are instances when it will elicit those only-in-the-movies kind of feelings,” says New York–based designer Darren Jett of Jett Projects, a studio that often works with lush materials to create captivating spaces. “If there is a clawfoot tub on a raised plinth or dais, or if the tub is inset into a tiled niche, then a carpeted floor outside of that is the ultimate luxury. The aesthetic of a tub, which may not be used all the time, combined with the rich underfoot of the carpet, is a match made in heaven.”

Jayne Mansfield in her iconic carpeted bathroom in 1960. 

Photo: CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images

So is it due for a total comeback? “I would not go that far. It has to be used very carefully and with the right client,” Cotton himself insists. Jett agrees: “I’d never place carpet in a water closet or by sinks that are used frequently.”

In any case, Harbour and Allen aren’t the only modern-day celebrities ready to defend shag-surrounded plunges. Back in 2020, Demi Moore caused a stir online when she shared a photo of her Zoom set up within a carpeted bathroom at her Idaho home. “That originally was a Bruce Willis choice, not to put it off on him,” Moore told Seth Meyers when he grilled her about the decorating decision. “We live in the mountains where it gets very cold, so it’s never bothered me. It’s actually quite good.”