If you’re feeling a little bit obsessed with home improvement projects right now, you’re not alone. From landscaping updates to bedroom overhauls, DIY and decor is big at the moment and we’re not mad at that. If you’re itching for a new task to tackle, we’re taking a look at how to style living room spaces today – so let’s dig in.

How to style the perfect living room

To help inform this piece I sought out some expert advice from Lauren Keenan, an interiors stylist and decorator working with Lounge Lovers, and I reviewed a bunch of recent style trends on Pinterest. Here’s what I learnt.

Mood matters

Sure, you want your living room to look stylish but the way it makes you feel is far more important.

Keenan explained over email that “One of the first questions I always ask my clients when I’m designing a living space is ‘How do you want the space to feel?’ Is it relaxing? Playful? Cosy? Fun? The answer to that question will have a big impact on which colours you choose to bring into your room.”

If you’re after a playful space, you may opt for brighter colours, whereas relaxing spaces will call for tones like “soft pink, pale blue or seafoam green”.

At the moment, it seems that cosy comfort is the vibe most people are after, however, with searches for ‘Hygge Home’ and ‘Cosy Room’ on Pinterest increasing by 35 and 50 per cent, respectfully.

Design feature walls that work for you

The living room is usually one of the most, well… lived-in spaces in a home. From late-night binge sessions to casual afternoons on the couch, there are loads of hours spent in this space so you want to make sure its layout works well.

Presently, it appears folks are spending some time looking at stylish but practical ways to set up entertainment areas, with searches for ‘TV wall ideas modern’ jumping up by 55 per cent in recent weeks and ‘wall unit’ increasing by 45 per cent.

Popular looks seem to pair wall-mounted TVs with sleek shelving, greenery and minimal decorative pieces, in keeping with the simple but cosy vibe.

If the TV isn’t the centre of your universe, you could consider a photo collage on your wall, too. Searches for this term on Pinterest have spiked by 35 per cent, so it would appear loads of other Aussies are interested in introducing more art and photography into their living room spaces, too.

Don’t be afraid of colour

If you’re bored of all neutral all day, Keenan shared that introducing a colour that you love to the living room design is not all that hard.

Accent pieces are a popular option because they’re fun and easy to swap out if need be.

“A great way to introduce some colour and personality in your living space is through an occasional chair. Let it be the standout piece in your room and select your artworks and decor accessories to complement,” she said.

If you’re after colour suggestions, she shared that deep emerald green or sapphire blue are bold but versatile options. Check out Lounge Lover’s Draper Chair in Grass as an example.

If furniture feels too permanent, however, you can always look at cushions or throws as ways to introduce small pops of colour to the space.

Accessories are more impactful than you think

No, you shouldn’t style your living room with 3,000 pointless decorative pieces. But increases in interest around furniture for both storage and display would suggest people are looking for ways to showcase their style and personality a little more right now.

Think colour-coordinated books, stylish vases and bespoke pieces of art.

Pinterest searches for ‘bookshelf decor’ and ‘buffet styling decor’ have increased by 135 per cent and 50 per cent, so if you have any eye-catching pieces you want to show off, now’s the time.

Anchor your space with a rug

Keenan explained that “Every living room needs a rug to help anchor the furniture. This is especially true for open-plan homes where you want to zone areas in a larger space. And a rug is a fun way to inject some colour into your living room.”

You may opt for a neutral-tone rug or a bold patterned piece, but whatever you choose “you can really enhance its [your rug’s] impact by pairing it with cushions in the same colour family,” Keenan shared.

At the simplest level, introducing a rug warms up a room and gives additional comfort when you’re hanging out barefoot in the space.

I know selecting a rug can be daunting, so we’ve written up a bit of a guide for you on that here.

Hopefully, these tips help you achieve the living room of your dreams, and if you have styling suggestions of your own please feel free to share them in the comments below!