How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger
Clever-Decorating-Tips-to-Make-a-Small-Bathroom-Look-BiggerVenus Angel/Shutterstock

Choose functional, space-saving lights

“If space is limited in a bathroom, the correct lighting is essential,” says Daniel Jensen of NYC Interior Design. “Wall sconces mounted on the mirror and cove lights installed behind the mirror are functional options that create the right ambiance, without taking up any additional space. If the ceilings are low or the bathroom is small, overhead lighting should be avoided.” Vanity mirrors with lights are a great option to look at if you have a space crunch.


Avoid patterned wallpaper

As much as we all dream of making our home bathroom look like it belongs in a trendy hotel, small bathrooms cannot be covered in wild patterns. “Avoid patterns of any sort,” says Jill Shadek Homepolish designer. “Save that fun wallpaper you’ve been dying to use for a larger room or an accent wall, as it’s certain to make the already small space seem even tighter.”