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While the rest of your home may only receive attention from you or your spouse, the living room is often the first place you’ll bring new friends. It’s the most used area of the home where guests and family alike spend time for entertainment, parties, and leisure. If there’s any space in your humble abode that deserves an artistic touch of flare, it’s the living room. Here’s how to do it.

Wallpaper and Paint

It won’t cost you an arm and a leg to add a bit of artistic flair to your walls, as long as you paint or wallpaper a small section. Many homeowners will paint one wall a dynamic color, like yellow or sky blue, to add a bit of pop. Others will wallpaper halfway up their walls and hide the rough section with trim. If you want to use wallpaper instead of paint, it’s better to hire an expert.

Get Customized Sofas

Unique furniture can bring a room together, but none are more important than the sofa. While a piece of art is just that, a sofa can be both an elegant mixture of prints and a comfortable seating area at the same time. offers a wide variety of award-winning customized pieces that provide enough beauty and grandeur in the home to WOW anyone.

Install Lighting

Swapping out traditional lighting fixtures for a chandelier or a stained glass bulb will surely bring inspiration for your other art projects. A living room with higher ceilings can get away with more eclectic designs, but most modern homes should stick with immersion lighting.

For example, an LED light strip can add any color to your room with a remote that can also offer timer controls.

Hang Up Shelving

Being your own decorator, you can choose interesting or robust shelving units that can hold your favorite books, photos, or other niknaks. If you want to add a large library, install floor-to-ceiling shelves into the wall for better support and a traditional feel.

To save a bit of money and time decorating the back of your shelves, paint or wallpaper faux wood or brick on your walls.

Hang Artwork

Most of the time, the space above your sofa will be the best spot for colorful artwork, but if you have a fireplace mantel, you can lean pieces of art instead. There are thousands of artists online that can create artwork that suits any living room style. If you prefer to DIY your artwork, frame pages from vintage books, mount antique jewelry in shadow boxes, or create modern art.

Create a Photo Wall

Purchase a bunch of frames that are large enough to hold photographs and set up a photo wall across that displays your favorite friends and family members. You can give it a trendy turn by using artistic, gold, or bold frames of different shapes and sizes. Try enlarging a single photograph, creating a mural out of many tiny pictures, or frame a fancy homemade collage.

Find or Paint a Large Clock

With a clock kit, create your own clock that’s large enough to span an entire wall with contrasting colors. The clock’s body can either be placed on a traditional face or on the wall itself. For a faithful Alice in Wonderland experience, make the clock turn counter-clockwise and paint the numbers backward, where “12” is at the top, and “11” is in the “1” position.

Glue Fairy Homes

Whether you believe in fairies or are a fan of fantasy, adding and gluing tiny homes to your walls can provide depth to a featureless living room. There are plenty of dollhouses or pieces of garden decor that can be cut in half and painted. Fairy doors, windows, teacups, and stained glass birds are other fantastical options that can fit in almost any home or decor style.