Not all interiors style hang on a room looking expensive, but regardless of your style of decor, there are tricks to make your space feel elevated that for most people come with throwing money at their home. Getting this balance right is the ultimate interior design hack that will elevate your living room to another level. When designing a living room, certain elements are crucial in helping the design come together to help it feel high-end and luxurious, but it needn’t mean the furniture and decor has to be expensive.

‘The living room is the space that is seen when you entertain and quite frankly it’s these spaces that you tend to spend most of your time in,’ says Catherine Finkernagel of Finkernagel Ross. ‘If a home is indeed meant to be aspirational (as we feel it should be) then these spaces should be the epitome of that. Quality furnishings and materials, considered artwork, and warm lighting all help to create a space which is luxurious, sophisticated, and expensive in feel whilst being warm and approachable at the same time.’ 

By OngkyF