How can you make a bathroom less boring? |

The bathroom is often overlooked when it comes to a characterful and comfort-forward design scheme. A utility-first room with seemingly limited decor options, it’s not unusual for the washroom to be left until last. Much more likely to be fitted with a simple, sterile style that does the job (but not much else), many of our bathrooms have much more design potential than we’re giving them credit for.

Luckily, interior designers and homeowners alike are making more of the bathroom, and giving these tucked-away rooms stunning revamps worthy of the spotlight. With special attention to calm, cozy and comforting design features, they’re proving once and for all that the bathroom doesn’t have to feel different than the rest of the home. To get their top tips on how to design a bathroom that’s dressed to impress, we spoke to designers who love making these rooms into worlds of their own – here’s how to get the look at home.

7 expert-approved tips for designing anything-but-boring bathrooms