Designer: Yaniesy Moochnek, Onepiece At A Time Design
Builder: Michael Pepe, Momentum Homes
Architect: Randall Smith, Plansource
Tile & Countertops: Ramos Marble And Granite
Realtor: Lauren Serianni, 360 Realty

Life is sweet for Raya and Trae Cunningham and their two babies. The young family moved into their first home in February 2022 in South Tampa. The Cunninghams’ focus was to create a serene space where they could live, work and play, especially since the couple works from home full-time as co-owners of Flirt Aesthetics.

The 4,597-square-foot, two-story house is spacious with five bedrooms and four-and-a-half bathrooms. They desired to move in before the birth of their second child and their team of contractors delivered in eight months with no delays.

As for the design, Trae’s modern style was melded with Raya’s sheek glam flair. They gravitated toward calming neutrals with fun pops of black and gold accents. “It’s a really good mix of the both of us,” Raya notes. “We did everything together”

The calm, cozy family room includes oversized couches and comfy chairs in neutrals covered with kid-friendly performance fabric hand-selected by the designer. Note the custom gold chandelier and modern fireplace. The sliding doors open to completely disappear for a seamless transition to the back patio.
In the large kitchen, the Cunningham’s splurged on luxurious gold light fixtures, as well as dolomite for the countertops and the matching backsplash.
The master bedroom is the Cunninghams’ favorite room, complete with a custom plush sitting area, sleek black nightstands and another stylish gold chandelier. “We ended up incorporating a lot of custom pieces into the home,” designer Moochnek notes. “We wanted to create pieces no one else would have and make it truly feel like their home.
Raya’s office has a feminine touch with blush wallpaper and drapes. She loves how the molding gives it a higher-end look.
Trae wanted a darker look and a manly feel for his home office.

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By OngkyF