Create the illusion of space by finding out the ways you can make a small bathroom look bigger. Discover things you should avoid and how opening a window can make a big difference.

Not all of us can have the house or, in this case, the bathroom of our dreams. I would love to have a master bedroom with double vanity fixtures and more than enough space to dance and sing to my favourite tunes. But the reality is that I, like you, have minimal space to work with. Life has handed us lemons; let’s look out how we can make lemonade of our bathrooms and how we can make a small bathroom look bigger.

It is not voodoo. We are not miraculously creating space out of nothing or using sci-fi powers to expand your bathroom floors. Instead, this article will discuss several easy-to-follow tips and methods that will make your bathroom look bigger. These ideas and more here for those still searching how to make the bathroom look bigger would save you the cost of expanding your whole home.

Don’t want to expand your bathroom floors? Do these instead

How To Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

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Colours: The brighter, the better

Making your bathroom look bigger than it is meant to trick yourself or whoever would be using the bathroom. The easiest of the many ways to do this is by using bright colours in your bathroom setup. Doing this gives the room a warm, open feeling and makes the room feel very accessible and spacious.

Mirror mirror on the wall

Don’t make your bathroom a house of mirrors. You can use one or at most two mirrors. If you are opting to use one mirror, you should ensure that it is pretty sizable. The mirror creates the illusion of space by reflecting more of your bathroom space and also bouncing the natural light coming into your bathroom around.

Glass shower door or no shower doors at all

This is a no-brainer. Anything you can do without should not be in your bathroom. If you are staying alone or with your significant other, you can remove the bathroom door entirely. Doing this creates enough space in your bathroom, makes your bathroom more spacious, and could bring you and your partner closer. Win-Win.

How To Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

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Let the room breathe

You already had your plans; the plants are supposed to go there, ornaments near the door and some art on the wall. Sorry to break it to you, if you want your small bathroom to look twice its size, you have to abandon those plans. In this case, more is less. Use only a few deco options and let that room breathe.

Natural light is never enough

Let mother nature work for you. Open your windows and let enough light flow in and bounce off either your tile or glossy wall finish. This aerates your bathroom, gives it the impression of space, and is sure to make any bathroom look bigger. This is the easiest of the tips to accomplish, and the results are mind-boggling, considering all you have to do is open a few blinds or windows.

Bright Lighting

If you leave your bathroom to natural lighting, your bathroom would only look bigger than it is during the day and go back to its small, crampy space when the sun goes down. The simple fix is to have bright light fixtures installed. Then, when the sun goes down, you can flick the switch and have the lights stepping in for nature till the sun comes up the next day.

How To Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

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Employ a monotone

Using different colours for fixtures or features is an absolute no-no in a small bathroom. You want to ensure that you use the same colour (a monotone) all through. Your choice of colour should be bright and radiant. Although dark colours can work the same, you would need more and brighter lights.

Bathroom-Shower combo

Nothing would feel better than to have a separate shower and a bathtub, but having both installed in a small space is an absolute sin. You would need to compromise with a bathroom shower combo, and many models would look as good as having a separate tub and shower.

How To Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

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What colours make a small bathroom look bigger?

When you look to make your bathroom bigger, the most common and most effective colour choice is going all white. An all-white bathroom never goes out of style. It looks good and allows the light to bounce off the walls easily. So if you want your small bathroom space to look much bigger, white is the way to go.

What is the best flooring for a small bathroom?

You are in luck as there are many flooring options for your small bathroom. Any of the following options would make your small bathroom look enormous. They are:

— Cork tile
— Porcelain tile
— Ceramic tile
— Natural stone tile
— Luxury vinyl flooring
— Laminate flooring

What is a good size for a bathroom?

If you plan to move to a new apartment and want to be sure your bathroom is at least average-sized as advertised by the realtor, it should have dimensions at least 5’ x 8’ or 6’ x 6’ for a small third-quarter bathroom.