George and Amal Clooney’s living room uses color perfectly |

When the team at White Arrow set out to decorate a SoHo townhouse formerly rented by George and Amal Clooney, their goal was to integrate eclectic antiques and art with the historic bones of the home. The result is one of the most balanced, and stylized houses we’ve ever seen. Everything in the den is perfect, but the well-conceived color scheme especially works to emphasize the natural beauty of the homeowner’s furniture and the style of the room.

A blue sofa anchors the living room of the Clooney’s former home. A blown glass coffee table with a pink base perfectly contrasts with the piece, bringing a warm and intentional feel to the design. A textural white rug brings visual interest, while large garage-style windows fill the space with light. On top of the coffee table, a stack of neutral-colored books with a neutral vase acts as a grounding force. The room is at once highly functional, stylish, and unique, with a design that reaches beyond trends to hit on fundamental principles of design.