GE Illuminates Kitchen Design with Full-Color Undercabinet Lighting

Cync Reveal HD+ Full Color Undercabinet Fixtures installed in a kitchen. You can see under cabinet lighting on both sides of the stove.

GE has unveiled its latest innovation in kitchen lighting – the Cync Reveal HD+ Full Color Undercabinet Fixtures and Pucks. These fixtures are the first full-color under-cabinet smart lights in the market. With a slim, edge-lit design, they provide diffuse, vibrant color lighting and a range of white tones, from cool to warm. This not only creates a visually appealing ambiance but also enhances functionality.

Cync Reveal HD+ Full Color Undercabinet Fixtures showing a range of colors.

In terms of lighting control, GE breaks new ground with the Cync fixtures. They feature an industry-leading dimming range that can be reduced to less than one percent brightness. This offers you exceptional control, allowing you to set the ideal lighting intensity for any time of day or activity.

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Installing these fixtures is straightforward, offering both plug-in and hardwired options. You can link up to 10 fixtures, making it a versatile solution for larger spaces.

You can manage your lighting through the Cync app, which offers a variety of lighting designs, and use voice control with Alexa and Google Assistant. Plus, their Matter compatibility ensures these lights are future-proof with smart home technology advancements.

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In 2024, GE plans to expand its Matter-compatible Cync line to 20 items, including the Direct Connect Full Color and Reveal range of bulbs and lights, an Outdoor Smart Plug, and a Smart Thermostat.

The Cync Reveal HD+ Full Color Undercabinet Fixtures will hit the shelves later this year at retailers like Lowes, Target, and Amazon, with prices starting at $59.99.

[Image credit: Techlicious, GE]

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