Gardening job to do now for ‘healthy, green’ grass next year

As the days continue to get darker and colder, there is less that needs to be done in the garden.

The winter is not the time to mow the lawn, but grass in the garden still needs to be cared for.

The last time to mow the lawn is typically in the autumn which means lawn care is often neglected in the winter.

Gardeners should take extra care not to damage the grass if mowing the lawn at this time of year.

Frost in garden

An expert shared gardening tips for the winter


However, it could still be an important time to prepare for next year.

Experts at Express Bi Folding Doors explained gardeners should clear debris from their lawns.

They said: “Your lawn can go forgotten in the winter but doing so can affect it for the spring and summer months.

“So, make sure to remove any debris including leaves to improve sunlight accessibility.”

This will give the grass more exposure to the sun during the shorter days and prepare it for the spring and summer.

The experts added: “This keeps the grass robust, healthy, and green, then will be ready for when your garden is back in use.”

Those who have a decking should also think about its maintenance.

A well-kept decking is also more appealing for enjoying the sun on cold, bright winter days.

Man gardening winter

The gardening jobs to do change at different times of the year


The experts added: “If you have decking in your garden, don’t neglect it in the winter.

“Keep on top of removing any access moss or lichen.

“This will encourage you to make use of it on those crisp bright wintery mornings and avoid it being used just for storage.”