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Shady areas in the garden can often get overlooked and ignored. Yet, many full-shade perennials will thrive in darker spots, helping to add green foliage and colorful blooms to those tricky areas under large trees and shrubs found at the bottom of the yard.

Perennials are a good choice for gardeners as they are long-lasting, returning year after year as temperatures rise in springtime. While some care is generally involved, such as pruning and cutting back in the fall and winter, many perennials listed here can be considered low-maintenance, doing well with minimal effort. As a professional gardener, I have grown all of these perennials and can testify to their shade tolerance.

So, if you are looking for some of the best shade plants or the best plants for under trees, consider adding some of these full-shade perennials to your backyard this year, helping to brighten up those challenging, shaded parts of your plot.

Flowers and bushes in a shade garden with steps

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7 of the best full-shade perennials