Designer tips for art that turns a house into your home
GO BIG: In small spaces, large art, such as this painting by artist Mark Pulliam, can create the illusion of a bigger space while giving the room personality.

In the world of art and design are two schools of thought. On one side are those who create or sell art. Artists and gallery owners, for instance, tend to promote the idea that if you love a piece, buy it. You will always find a place for it. 

Interior designers, on the other hand, look at art as a way to finish or maybe inspire a room. They tune into the art’s scale and colors to make sure they work with the room and its furnishings. To them, even the most generic OTC (Over The Couch) art can work if the palette and size are right. 

That leaves those of us who love art and who want a beautiful pulled together home and who have a limited a budget scratching our heads. Do you buy what you love and not care if it fits in? Or do you furnish your home with all-purpose art because the size and color work?