Crystal Home and Villeroy & Boch Unveil Luxurious Bathroom Collections

Crystal Home, in collaboration with renowned ceramics brand Villeroy & Boch, introduces exquisite bathroom collections, including ‘Antao’ and ‘Hommage to Hommage,’ at Thailand’s first Flagship Store, offering premium bathroom decor and design solutions.

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Crystal Home, renowned for its luxury bathroom décor and comprehensive services, joins forces with the leading German ceramics brand, Villeroy & Boch, to inaugurate Thailand’s inaugural Flagship Store. This exceptional store not only presents an array of diverse bathroom styles but also introduces exclusive collections like ‘Antao’ and ‘Hommage to Hommage,’ commemorating Villeroy & Boch’s 275th anniversary. This union underscores the brand’s unwavering commitment to curating experiences driven by quality, innovation, and exceptional design for homes, projects, and the enduring lifestyles of its valued customers.

Mrs. Suthipa Svasti-Xuto, Director of Luxury at Living, shared insights into the brand’s origin, stating, “The inception of the ‘Crystal Home’ brand arises from the desire to establish a comprehensive luxury bathroom decoration service centre. With over 14 years of experience in managing and developing upscale projects, we have been able to lay strong foundations that comprehensively meet customers’ needs. Serving as consultants who thoroughly understand project requirements and designs, we meticulously source the highest quality materials that align seamlessly with both design aesthetics and budget considerations. Our role as intermediaries extends to efficient management of all project aspects, working closely with contractors, designers, and manufacturers. This ensures that customers can place their trust in Crystal Home, where luxury bathroom decoration is not only effortless but also incredibly rewarding.”

Crystal Home goes the extra mile to deliver excellence and upholds the concept of being the ‘Leading Luxury Bathroom Company.’ This commitment drives the brand to curate high-quality products with innovative designs that epitomise luxury comprehensively. Representing globally acclaimed brands such as Kohler, TOTO, AXOR, Hansgrohe, and ‘Villeroy & Boch,’ renowned for their luxurious ceramic products, Crystal Home stands as their official representative. Furthermore, the collaboration between these two prestigious brands marks a significant milestone, blending shared values, beliefs, and a commitment to innovation, design, and unparalleled quality. Together, they proudly unveil Thailand’s very first Villeroy & Boch Flagship Store, located at the Crystal Design Center (CDC), symbolising a grand introduction to the public.

Mrs. Suthipa highlighted, “The Villeroy & Boch Flagship Store at CDC will be serviced by Crystal Home, situated within Asia’s most comprehensive home decoration centre. The showroom’s primary focus will be to showcase an array of bathroom styles, aiming to inspire designers, project owners, and discerning homeowners. Our selection caters to diverse needs, facilitating the creation of new bathrooms or the revitalisation of existing ones, all withexceptional products and appliances. This selection aligns seamlessly with Villeroy & Boch’s concept of ‘A House Becomes A Home,’ emphasising the transformation of a residence into a blissful haven. A home is not just a place of residence; it’s a space where we can authentically express our style and preferences to the fullest.”

Mr. Georg Lörz, CEO of the Bathroom & Wellness Division at Villeroy & Boch, expressed, “Villeroy & Boch, a renowned German brand, has garnered a strong following across Europe for over 275 years. The brand’s core values underscore consistent product quality maintenance. Villeroy & Boch excels in innovation through the development of high-quality materials like Quaryl and TitanCeram, alongside contemporary and standardised production processes. In terms of design, our aim is to create diverse styles with distinct uniqueness. Additionally, we subject our products to rigorous quality checks before delivering them to consumers.”

Mr. Lörz emphasised the significance of the collaboration between Crystal Home and Villeroy & Boch to inaugurate the Flagship Store. He stated, “This partnership is a great honour, signifying a pivotal step in instilling the same level of trust and confidence among Thai consumers as enjoyed by our European clientele. This collaboration transcends the provision of bathroom products; it represents the meticulous craftsmanship behind the creation of this Flagship Store. It is a momentous occasion, bringing the trust and quality associated with Villeroy & Boch to the people of Thailand.”

Moreover, the Villeroy & Boch Flagship Store serves as a space where decorating bathrooms with contemporary and sophisticated elements becomes an enriched experience. The showroom boasts collections that showcase every luxurious facet of bathrooms, including ‘Artis’ by designer Gesa Hansen, offering customisable colour options for washbasins and bathtubs. Another highlight is the ‘ViConnect’ solution for wall-hung and standard sanitary installations, known for its quick and standardised installation process.

A special collection is also introduced to commemorate the 275th anniversary – ‘Hommage to Hommage.’ This collection of bathroom fixtures, including washbasins and bathtubs, exudes a classic charm while incorporating distinctive features in the unique Pure Black colour. Additionally, the unveiling of ‘Antao,’ inspired by natural elements and shaped like water droplets, adds an enchanting touch with captivating tones like Morning Green, Almond, Pure Black, as well as two foundational colours: White Alpin and Stone White. These options are available for both washbasins and bathtub sets.

“Crystal Home operates under a brand curation approach aligned with the principles we uphold, focusing on innovation, design, and quality. These principles form the foundation of the services we provide. Similar to Villeroy & Boch, we share a common commitment to delivering the best to our customers. Our mission extends beyond the sale of washbasins, faucets, bathtubs, or sanitary ware; it involves crafting an experience that seamlessly integrates exceptional quality and design into homes, projects, and every aspect of our customers’ lives,” echoed Mrs. Suthipa.

To explore lavish bathroom ideas, experience a comprehensive range of décor products, and avail full-service offerings, visit the Crystal Home Concept Store located on the 1st floor of Building D at CDC. Alternatively, explore product images and details at For further inquiries, please contact 02-101-5123.