A$AP Rocky is entering the interiors space with the announcement of his newest venture: Hommemade, a homeware brand and design studio. And what better way to step foot into the industry than with a giant mushroom-infused cactus, which is currently on display at Art Miami. The rapper has never shied away from his interest in hallucinogenic drugs—he was included in the 2020 documentary Have a Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelics and spoke with Billboard in 2015 about his various drug-fueled experiences throughout the years—so the mushroom portion of his first design isn’t all that surprising. The cactus, on the other hand, comes courtesy of the musician’s collaborator: Italian brand Gufram, known for its iconic cactus decor originally designed in 1972. 

Like something out of a psychedelic fairy tale: the “Shroom Cactus” for Gufram.

Photo: Courtesy of Gufram

The installation, which is designed as a reinterpretation of Gufram’s classic cactus, looks like a bright green utopian forest with the oversized shroom cactus at its center. In addition to serving as an announcement for A$AP Rocky’s new business, the collaboration also helps celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Gufram cactus, which was designed in 1972 by Guido Drocco and Franco Mello. This new iteration, though still large, green, and prickly, also includes hand-painted mushrooms “growing” all over the trunk and feet. Miami visitors can walk through the mushroom forest on a grass-like carpet with dozens of ceramic flowers scattered about, all the while under a supernaturally staged blue sky flecked with fluffy clouds, as the two brands described the installation in a joint press release. 

Two Gufram cactuses sans the mushrooms. 

Photo: Giuseppe Cottini/Getty Images

By OngkyF