Kitchens are full of practical necessities and statement pieces, but in a world full of consumers invested in their personal style and self-expression, those bulkier and more expensive pieces like ovens, cabinets, blenders and even tableware sets are not likely to change as often as a person’s style or décor needs. Thankfully, kitchen accents like textiles and display-ready kitchen tools are a simple way to refresh spaces for the holidays or even just when the mood strikes at lower price points. This week, our editors (inspired by the fall New York Tabletop Show) are mixing things up in their own kitchens and welcoming in new looks with a selection of their favorite artsy, nostalgic and fun kitchen accessories.

Lenise Willis’ Pick: Colorful Cooking Utensils by Baltique

Baltique’s Marrakesh Collection 7-Piece Utensil Set

I’ve been mesmerized by these decorative kitchen tools for a while now, so I was ecstatic when I officially became a proud owner of the Marrakesh Collection 7-Piece Utensil Set by Baltique, a line by Totally Bamboo. The rainbow pattern, inspired by the colorful spices found in a Moroccan marketplace, is captivating and the perfect way to dress up any kitchen. It actually reminds me of the time I spent in Morocco, which is an extra bonus. The birch wood also feels wonderful in my hand and makes cooking a breeze. These tools are so smooth! The set comes with seven useful tools, including a mixing spoon, slotted spoon, spatula, slotted spatula, a spreading knife, a 2-in-1 measuring spoon and a spurtle, which is my favorite. Measuring 13 inches long, the spurtle is an extra-long spatula, which makes flipping omelets and other larger foods a breeze. I’ve not only enjoyed cooking with the set, but I also enjoy catching glimpses of them in my kitchen. The only watch out is that they need to be hand washed and not soaked or thrown in the dishwasher, so I’m having to adjust my habits. Overall, I’ve been very happy with them.

#GDAfindoftheday: Shine Decorative Dishtowel by Danica Jubilee

Danica Jubilee Shine Dishtowel

Danica Jubilee’s Shine Decorative Dishtowel

From Danica’s Danica Jubilee brand, the 70 percent cotton Shine Decorative Dishtowel is “shooting” off positive vibes and stars with the help of to its unique, metallic textile embellishments, pom-poms and radiant “Shine On” message. It stands out beautifully hanging on a kitchen stove and its blue and silver tones accent the gray metallic in stainless steel appliances and other hardware perfectly. For starry-eyed consumers looking to add more than just one celestial accent to their kitchen refresh, Danica Jubilee, known best for its “celebration of a rainbow spectrum of colors,” per a release, also offers a mug, trinket tray, lunch tote, snack bags and more in matching prints. Pair this dishtowel with a set of its corresponding mug cousins for an out of this world coffee date display.

Adelaide Elliott’s Pick: Oven Mitt, Kitchen Towel and Mug by MoonPie

Moonpie Oven Mitt, Kitchen Towel and 5 Cent Mug

Moonpie’s 5 Cent MoonPie Coffee Mug, Deluxe Flour Sack Kitchen Towel and Oven Mitt

I am the proud mother of two cats at this time – Clementine and Moonpie. Clementine, an older, cantankerous ginger cat, is named for her coloring. Moonpie got her name because of her personality. As sugary sweet in temperament as the staple Southern snack cake MoonPie (specifically the chocolate coated variety), Moonpie’s name is an ode to her loving nature and my own southern roots. I grew up in rural North Carolina eating MoonPies and drinking its longtime drink pairing RC Colas and can still find both in just about any grocery store or gas station in my hometown and home state, so it just felt right. When I saw the folks from MoonPie at Atlanta Market over the summer on my last day at market showing their MoonPie gifts, hats, shirts, décor and actual MoonPies in the temporaries I knew I needed to find a store that carried them so I could add a few things to my own home.

Cut to a few months later and I’ve done just that, collecting the brand’s 5 Cent MoonPie Coffee Mug, MoonPie Deluxe Flour Sack Kitchen Towel and MoonPie Oven Mitt to subtly (or maybe not so subtly) deck out my kitchen in things that remind me of MoonPies and Moonpie. The three kitchen accessories I ended up purchasing make use of the brand’s classic round moon logo and vintage aesthetic, giving each piece a retro Americana vibe perfect for my eclectic home and even more vintage-inspired aesthetics like modern farmhouse and rustic styles.

Each piece is also practical; the 12-ounce mug is sturdy and microwavable the oven mitt and kitchen towel are both washable and ready for display or actual kitchen duty. If you and your store are in the market for some more southern-inspired home décor, giftables or even snack options, consider pulling on a few nostalgic heart strings and “lookout” for MoonPie.

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