44th annual Lane County Home & Garden Show sees great turnout | News

Day two of the Lane County Home & Garden Show

EUGENE, Ore. — The Lane County Home and Garden Show is giving people the opportunity to explore the different ways they can improve their kitchens, bathrooms and the outdoor space that surrounds it all.

The Lane Events Center was packed for the Lane County Home and Garden Show, with people coming from all over to take a look at the displays. Some Master Gardeners attended the event, and among them was Legendary Northwest Gardner Cisco Morris.  

“One of the jobs I do is I take people all around the world to see gardens, and I have hosted 25 international garden tours,” Morris said.

He attended to speak about different gardens that he has been to around the world. With spring on the horizon, the exotic-plant lover is excited about the potential for gardeners. 

“I see it as an opportunity. A spot for a new plant – I say go to the nursery find some really cool, new plants stick them in. You know, that’s my best advice,” he said.

Don Engebretson, known as the “Renegade Gardener,” also headlined the event. He spoke on common gardening myths, how to attract more animals to gardens, and correcting gardening blunders. He said gardeners should be creative, avoid unnecessary plants and try to do landscaping work themselves.

“Do it yourself. Save a lot of money. You know, the plants are there same as they are for the landscapers. You can study landscapes and really do a perfect job beautifying your own property,” he said.

Home & Garden Show

Pest control is also a big topic for gardeners. Local business “Garden Care Naturals” promoted their plant-based pesticides as an alternative to chemicals. The owner, Scot Patterson, said they usually sell through retail stores, but the show gives them a chance to connect directly with customers.

“Our customers actually teach us a lot about the product, because I’m kind of busy in the lab, manufacturing and doing that. I’m not out there doing every experiment that I can think of, as far as trying to demonstrate all the things that it does. Our audience out there are beta-testers. They are citizen-scientists,” he said.

Many of the visitors to the show have been here before, like Kati Hansen, a real estate worker from Elmira. However, there were some who were first-timers at the event, like Cabitha Clark. 

“Probably just looking at the plants, and like how they explain things to you,” Clark said.

Hansen comes to the show every year. 

“I like to see what’s up and coming and new with home construction. I also like to see what’s going on with landscapes, different plants,” said Hansen.

This year, Hansen is leaving with a souvenir: a broom.

“We live on a small farm in Elmira, and we have a lot of leaves, and so I’m always looking for a way to get rid of leaves out of my lavender plants that are in our yard. So the blower doesn’t work, and neither do my children, so I bought a broom in hopes that works,” said Hansen.

Home Decorating was a priority for many of the visitors to the Home and Garden show. “Down to Earth, Home, Garden, and Gift” was offering goods like indoor house plants and other decorations, according to Retail Sales Associate Madison Pride.

“We have a lot of different, very knowledgeable, staff on duty, who are so incredibly happy to educate you, or support you, in any of your new hobbies you might be picking up,” they said.

Maintaining your home is just as important as decorating it. Sydney Wilkinson, sales coordinator from a home foundation repair company “Ram Jack West,” said they were on hand to provide their expertise on what homeowners should look out for. 

“Some red flags for settlement is drywall cracks, stores and windows sticking, sloping floors, cracks in the foundation,” Wilkinson said.

Travis McGuire, owner of McGuire Fence and Deck, has been coming to the event since he was little with his parents. Now, he has his own booth. McGuire says it is crucial to have a good contractor willing to work with the city if you’re looking to build a fence or new deck

“Those need to be really really strong, and you really need to make sure that they’re going to be safe and secure for your family who’s going to be spending time on the outdoor structure,” he said.

Vendors said the turnout this weekend has been great so far.

“I think that just the establishment, and the trust you can put into all the people that have their booths here, is a really big draw for home owners in the area,” McGuire said.

The shows final day is Sunday. It runs from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. at the Lane Events Center.