25 Shower Niche Ideas for Lathering Up in Style
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Douglas Friedman

Lakeside Shower Niche

prospect refuge studio wisconsin lake house
Matthew Williams

A lakehouse bathroom must be built to meet the needs of many a sunburned, sandy human who’s been lakeside all day. When designing this summer retreat, located on a glittering lake in northern Wisconsin, Prospect Refuge Studio’s Victoria Sass went for a “really immersive little moment,” covering it in zips of sage and olive-green tiles that coordinate with the bow tie–shaped floor tiles. The matching shower niche offers convenient storage for everything from bathing essentials to a very necessary bottle of aloe vera.


Low Shower Niche

antonio martins house main bathroom
Christopher Stark

The small, under-window nook in Antonio Martins’s San Francisco home is barely noticeable when the small dot pattern in the flooring takes the stage—drawing the eye to the room’s more interesting architectural features. Get in, get wet, get wonderful!


Wide Shower Niche

the walls of a bathroom are done in very small sea foam colored square glass tiles and the floor has larger two toned squares, inset glass shelves, dual rain showerheads, and a vintage aluminum chair
Kelly Marshall

The primary bathroom in this New York City apartment, by ELLE DECOR A-List designer Mark Grattan, is the stuff of every organizer’s daydreams. The wall’s mint-hued glass tiles (by Sicis) are elegantly recessed on one side, offering four shelves of storage space. When flanked by floor-to-ceiling windows on the opposing side, the space is screaming for some greenery.

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Barely-There Shower Niche

a bathroom with a sink toilet and a bathtub
Tomas Espinoza

For spa-like appeal, take a high-contrast approach with your shower. Atlanta-based designer Silo Studios’ most chic projects feature a barely-there shower niche that uses the same wall tile and adds more storage to a limited space. Scrub-a-dub-dub.


Protruding Shower Niche

green luxury bathroom, black rain shower head
Imgorthand//Getty Images

In this verdant walk-in shower, added shelves protrude from the wall, giving it a generous amount of shelf real estate, not to mention limitless styling potential. Under-shelf lighting makes it an elegant focal point.


Long Shower Niche

contemporary bathroom with light pink honeycomb tiles
tulcarion//Getty Images

This pink-accented bathroom features a long, wide shower niche that is intentionally carved out of this graphic rectangular tile. Whether it’s outfitted with a pairing of chic shower bottles or a calming candle, it’s clear that there will be no fumbling around mid-shower thanks to this clever niche.

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Deep Shower Niche

open rounded shower room with a three legged wood stool and window seat
Jean-Francois Jaussaud/Lux Productions

You just bought your first 17th-century château in Provence and you’re ideating on the shower space design. Should it be gilded? How big is too big for a showerhead? How many seats should we bring in? We’ve all been there. Such was ELLE DECOR A-List designer Pierre Yovanovitch’s thought process when designing this bathroom, which he opted to give a built-in bench that doubles up as a very deep shower niche. The result is something that’s fit for a king—as well as a very tasteful designer.


Desert Modern Shower Niche

luxury newport home tour
Chad Mellon

The ideal height of a shower niche, designer Shannon McLaren Wilkins feels, is one that is exactly at arm’s length and high enough to fit the tallest of shampoo bottles. That’s exactly what she did in this bathroom, which features contrasting tile patterns that add visual interest.


Small Tile Shower Niche

dorothy berwin house tour
Douglas Friedman

Have you committed to joining the dark side in your favorite bathroom? If not, the primary bathroom of this New York City apartment might change your mind. The diminutive space feels all the more nestlike when painted in Hague Blue by Farrow & Ball and fitted with small black tiles. The shower niche thus camouflages into the dark backdrop with impressive ease.

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Marble Shower Niche

cochineal design tribeca apartment
Joshua McHugh

A double shower niche draws the eye in the sleek marble-lined shower of this TriBeCa apartment, designed by Sarah Sargeant and Risa Emen of Cochineal Design. The shower’s marble hues are seamlessly echoed, making for a minimalist look.


Blue Shower Niche

architecture, door, snow, transparent material, tile, ice,
Mikkel Vang

When you bring a slab of marble this statement-worthy into your home, an indented shower niche (heck, two!) is basically a given. This New Jersey home, designed by Nannette Brown, features a wet area enclosure made of Bardiglio marble that mimics the look of water. We’re loving the generous height of the shower niche, which makes use of vertical space that would go otherwise unused.


Hidden Shower Niche

the primary bathroom has a tub with a silver finish and a chandelier hangs above it, glass shower doors have mermaid handles
Annie Schlechter

What shower niche, you ask? Sometimes a niche’s best trait is blending in so the true showstopper—say, this larger-than-life chandelier—gets all the attention. In this Florida abode, ELLE DECOR A-List designer Rodney Lawrence carved into both nooks of this statement marble for shower niches that go unseen—but certainly not unused.

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Modern Shower Niche

cochineal jane street apartment
Joshua McHugh

This walk-in shower, also by Cochineal Design, is dripping in Art Deco razzle-dazzle, with its bold Clé tiles, chic gold hardware, and can’t-be-missed marble shower. But it’s the shower niche that has us home-organization aficionados gaping. Big enough to house a mini library of books, the storage potential of this feature, covertly recessed for a quiet presence, is the true definition of luxury.


Arched Shower Niche

Nathalie Krag

In this Capri home by architect Giuliano Andrea dell’Uva, a minimalist approach lets the architecture speak for itself. In the less-is-more walk-in shower, the sculptural sweeping arch of the shower niche—coated in resin—is the very definition of artistry.


Vertical Shower Niche

jet projects brooklyn apartment

Look closely in the mirror and you’ll spot the trifecta of shower niches: three square-shaped insets atop one another that provide subtle visual interest to the overwhelmingly marble-on-marble space. A few Aesop bottles is all you need to create satisfying dimension to the framed feature.

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Tiled Shower Niche

white webb woodstock house
Read McKendree

These colorful glass tiles don’t need any further pattern to make a statement. In this Woodstock, New York, home, design firm White Webb gave this walk-in shower a dose of seafoam green and turquoise tiles, creating an effect similar to fish scales. A simple, two-shelved shower niche with a tasteful white border is all that’s needed to complete the space.


Well-Lit Shower Niche

modern bathroom interior
ExperienceInteriors//Getty Images

Lighting is that final touch that transforms a space from lovely to luxe. Case in point: the three-part shower niche in this white-on-white walk-in shower, which practically glows thanks to a tasteful set of LED lights. Talk about an illuminating shower experience.


Curved Shower Niche

montana labelle toronto
Patrick Biller

In Toronto, a low-key home receives a fittingly low-key shower niche. This wet room–style shower features a shapely niche that cuts into the linear wall with indelible ease. The room’s bold checkered tile flooring and brass fittings complete the look.

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Minimalist Shower Niche

white bathroom with a stand alone tub with a gold tone fixtures and a green patterned towel draped over it and a gold leaf chandelier above
Carmel Brantley

Sleek fixtures and a gracious marble shower niche make for a glamorous bathroom moment in this eclectic midcentury Palm Beach house. While the rest of the space is infused with color and pattern, this minimalist bathroom offers a reprieve for the palette—though not without little details of interest. Designer Caroline Rafferty kept a two-inch-thick horizontal grout line to act as a counterpoint to the sleek terrazzo flooring and marble wall tiles. The shower niche is perfectly tucked away amid that.


Low Shower Niche

Tile, Bathroom, Black, Room, Property, Shower, Interior design, Material property, Flooring, Glass,
Stacy Zarin Goldberg

Who says a shower niche needs to be above the water stream? In this timeless bathroom, in a historic Washington, D.C., home, designer Zoe Feldman built in function without sacrificing style. The low shower niche makes the space feel larger, letting the main wall of navy blue tile really sing.

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