The bathroom is one of the harder rooms in your home to design, and it is easily one of the most purely functional rooms in your home, which means decoration can easily fall by the wayside. Adding pops of bold colors, like navy blue, is a great way to add aesthetic value and appeal to the room quickly.

Navy blue has many interpretations but generally refers to a very dark, even nearly black, shade of blue. It tends to be relatively flat and matte and adds a lot of sophistication and refinement to whatever room it’s in. According to Color Psychology, darker shades of blue, like navy, are believed to aid in decision-making and critical thinking and boost creativity. Whether you add a few decorative touches or paint your entire room, navy blue is an excellent color for your bathroom. Keep reading for ideas on how to incorporate navy blue in your bathroom.

1. Flat navy blue wall

Opt for a flattering, almost gray-toned shade of navy if you want to paint your bathroom navy blue without going overboard.

2. Navy blue cabinets

Make your bathroom cabinets stand out in a white bathroom by painting them a matte shade of navy blue.

3. Accent wall

For a trendier, contemporary bathroom, add a navy blue accent wall. Add some touches of gold to help it stand out.

4. Bath towels

You don’t need to break out the paint cans to add touches of navy blue to your bathroom. Keep it subtle and incorporate a few navy blue hand or bath towels.

5. Navy blue half wall and cabinets

Double up on the timeless color by adding a half wall of navy blue tiles, painting your bathroom cabinets a slightly darker or more vivid shade of navy blue.

6. Toilet backsplash

Backsplash typically refers to the tile behind your kitchen or bathroom sink, but it can also be used behind other plumbing, like your toilet. Add a half or an entire wall of navy blue tiles behind your toilet to incorporate it in your bathroom casually.

7. Vibrant navy blue walls

The easiest and most classic way to incorporate navy blue into your bathroom is to paint the entire space. Pair it with classic, clean white appliances and silver hardware for an easy and effortlessly beautiful bathroom.

8. Tiled accent wall

You could also go for navy blue tile walls, which are beautiful and functional in your bathroom.

9. Mix and match tiles

Switch it up and alternate your bathroom tiles between white and navy blue. Use navy blue for your bathroom floor tiles paired with a white wall tile, and then alternative it in the shower, going for navy wall tiles and white floors.

10. Vintage navy blue

Navy blue is an excellent color for a vintage look in your bathroom. Paint the walls navy blue and add some frame-style molding on the walls, pairing them with retro or vintage plumbing.

11. Shower curtain

Another simple, paint-free way to incorporate navy blue in your bathroom is by hanging a navy blue shower curtain.

12. Walls and floors

Double up on the navy blue in your bathroom by adding shade on the walls and floors. Use a navy blue subway tile on the walls and a white and navy blue patterned tile on the floor.

13. Farmhouse style

Navy blue goes great with farmhouse décor since it has a somewhat rustic feel. Pair shiplap bathroom walls with navy blue bathroom cabinets.

14. Mix with other blues

Navy blue is versatile and goes exceptionally well with lighter blues. Highlight the color family with gold hardware.

15. Bathroom rug

Keep it simple by adding a navy blue shower mat or bathroom rug, adding a pop of color to an otherwise plain white bathroom.

16. Shower tile

If you have a walk-in shower, highlight it with beautiful navy blue wall tiles and pair it with black hardware for a slightly edgy finish.

17. Sink counters

Add a few pops of navy blue in your bathroom by opting for navy blue sink counters, as well as a complementary feature wall.

18. Spa style

Navy blue tends to be a solemn color, but it can also be very relaxing. Pair with some bamboo or oak wood tones for a soothing, spa-style bathroom retreat.

19. Plant pot

If you like to keep plants or flowers in your bathroom, you can add a touch of navy blue by opting for a navy plant pot.

20. Navy blue countertops

You don’t have to make your entire sink cabinet navy blue to be effective. Simply switch out your countertops for a navy blue, painting the cabinets black, white, or another color that can highlight it.

By OngkyF