12 Expert Design Ideas For A Maximalist Kitchen

More is more in these maximalist kitchens – but we still cannot get enough …

“More is more and less is a bore” says maximalist fashion icon and interior designer Iris Apfel. When it comes to the kitchen, there is no better room to play around with new colours, patterns and textures. Kitchens are rooms with lots of movement, they need to work for so many different uses, from hosting and entertaining guests to general family life. We spend so much time in the kitchen, so why not splash out and have some fun with the space? Maximalist kitchens are gaining serious notoriety and the beauty of this design trend is that it won’t take a whole refurbishment to achieve the look. It is a joyful kitchen style, filled with fun additions and curiosities that help the room reflect your personality. The goal of stripping back is gone and it has turned to adding to and accentuating your space. See below for our maximalist kitchen inspiration …


A tiled splashback is a great way to accentuate your kitchen. This kitchen is oozing with maximalist ideas – colour, pattern, quirky homeware additions – but if you are looking to make small additions at first, a coloured tiled splashback or a mosaic tiled splashback are great design choices. www.nakedkitchens.com


Interior designer Robert Kime was a firm believer in maximalist interior design. He was a genius at discovering and mixing fabrics, objects and antiques to create a layered comfortable country house mood – even in this city home. An antique fanatic, he has adorned every room with incredible finds including his kitchen. Seventeenth-century Chinese jars sit on kitchen cupboards. Talk about a point of interest! He hangs Chinese framed prints behind to complete the busy look. Photography by Simon Griffiths for From British Designers at Home by Jenny Rose-Innes. See more here.


A couple of bright colours paired together can make a beautiful combination – especially with the extra addition of the geometric splashback. A pastel combo like lilac and primrose yellow is a unique choice that will brighten up a space. www.82mm.com


Let it be said that an epic chair can make a room – and these bar stools (if we can even demote them to that) make a serious statement. The gold backs and rim with the fringed bottom are a serious point of interest in this kitchen and elevate the entire room considerably. www.noedewitt.com


One small addition that can make a huge impact? Pattern. This seriously blue modern Victorian kitchen is brought to life by the impactful floral wallpaper placed over every wall – not just one. This gives the large kitchen so much personality and brings the kitchen all together – without shrinking it. www.recasthomes.com


It is as if you are stepping into the Garden of Eden with this kitchen. The bright, unusual palette of aubergine on the cabinetry and the muted greens of the wallpaper come together beautifully with the faux wooden archway on the back wall. Talk about impactful. www.colombe.pl


The open shelving in this kitchen allows for personal additions and grants the opportunity to add some flare to the space. Through art, flowers, glassware, homewares, open shelving is asking to be filled in a not-so-organised way and that’s the goal. www.devolkitchens.co.uk


Through pattern, colour and curvy kitchen shelving this kitchen was transformed into a whimsical, joyful space. With chequerboard flooring and striped shelves the base of this kitchen is maximalist and uplifting. @designlovefest @spauldingcompany


A gorgeous family photo wall or shelf presentation is a great way to personalise your kitchen space and creates that quirky point of interest that interior designers love to implement. www.82mm.com


This DeVol kitchen is a great example of creating a maximal look through little additions. This is seen in the brightly coloured furniture, co-ordinating hot pink glassware, the vintage addition of the table and eclectic collectibles like the wooden stag’s head nailed to the wall and the extra long landscape painting placed above it all. @devolkitchens


Mixing materials is a great way to achieve the maximalist look and this industrial style kitchen proves it. The metal splashback and metal lamps combined with the rough timber island shelves and lower cabinetry are accentuated by the concrete wall and floor which acts as a canvas to highlight all of the various materials. The panelled ceiling is also seriously cool. www.jamesgardiner.co.uk


Creating the maximalist look can be as simple (and affordable) as adding photographs, postcards, paintings and drawings that you have at home to a corkboard or placing magnets on the fridge. It will create a fun feeling in that corner and further add personality to your kitchen. We love this long corkboard.


One of the most important additions for any kitchen – we think – is a coffee machine! This fully automatic coffee machine from Siemens is a great choice. If you have the space, try to incorporate a coffee station or corner into your kitchen. Not only will it make mornings run smoother, it makes a nice focal point like in this serene space pictured below by Erin Sander Design. www.siemens-home.bsh-group.com


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