10 Kitchen Decor Ideas From This Trendy LA Hotspot

The all-white kitchen has become a dated decor trend as more earthy kitchens with a little more soul are falling in favor. In designing award-winning authentic Italian restaurant Nardó in West Hollywood, celeb designer Francesca Grace created a stunning space that she describes as a love letter to Italy, her family, and her passion for design. And it totally shows.

Francesca used a mix of earthy and warm tones, velvets, fringe and stripes to create a space that feels less like a typical restaurant and more like you’re having dinner at your chic friend’s cozy home, making it the perfect inspiration for your at-home kitchen and dining areas.

Here are 10 home decor ideas we’re stealing from this lovely and inviting LA hotspot.

Banquette Seating

banquette seating

Image courtesy of Francesca Grace/Dusty Kessler

Banquette seating is just cozier, and the perfect perch for enjoying a wonderful meal with friends. Francesca uses banquette seating in all areas inside the restaurant, from this gorgeous front room to the Old Chapel-inspired room with extra-tall ceilings to the upstairs, which is inspired by a casual Italian cafe.


bar decor

Image courtesy of Francesca Grace/Dusty Kessler

I’m just smitten with her use of fringe throughout the space. From these charming chandeliers to the bottom of the banquette seating to the outdoor umbrellas, fringe adds a touch of bohemian and vintage vibe to a glamorous space.

Vienna Chairs

vienna chair

Image courtesy of Francesca Grace/Dusty Kessler

I’ve always loved the look of the classic bentwood chair originally designed by German-Austrian cabinet maker Michael Thonet to represent a practical “consumer” chair. Its often used in European restaurants and such a great classic choice here!

Vintage Stripes

striped kitchen decor

Image courtesy of Francesca Grace/Dusty Kessler

The upstairs balcony dining area is reminiscent of the bustling Italian cafés that Francesca has spent so much time in throughout her life and travels. The bold red stripes are so fun for a festive space to celebrate or just catch up friends. The ruffled floral sconce also hints to the European coquette trend, where romance reigns.

Hand-drawn Mural

nardo restaurant la

Image courtesy of Francesca Grace/Dusty Kessler

Each space in the restaurant instantly transports you into a different region in Italy. Here’s what Francesca calls the Chapel room, where her sister Dede painted a Rome-inspired mural. Francesca talks more about her inspiration behind this design in this Reel.

Classic Prints + Patterns

kitchen decor ideas

Image courtesy of Francesca Grace/Dusty Kessler

Francesca used eclectic prints and infused the space with her signature maximalist style to create a vibe that is intimate and cozy. The checkerboard tile around the wood-fired oven, paired with the toile upholstery of the bar stools and banquette in the front room, is such a refreshing departure from the modern, minimal aesthetic that has dominated kitchen decor over the last decade.

A Pop of Pink

pink accent wall

Image courtesy of Francesca Grace/Dusty Kessler

I’m in love with this pink patio outside. It’s the perfect compliment to the earthy, eclectic mood indoors. The checkered pattern on the seating echos the checkerboard tile inside too. Olive trees are ideal for Italian decor in LA climate!

outdoor dining LA

Image courtesy of Francesca Grace/Dusty Kessler

The fringe on the outdoor umbrellas are a nice touch too. I can’t decide if I want dine al fresco or indoors, both are a feast for the eyes!

Dried Flowers

dried flower art

Image courtesy of Francesca Grace/Dusty Kessler

This dried flower installation is chef’s kiss! Incorporating an earthy element like this natural wall hanging brings the outdoors in and feels like a throwback to old-school Italian eateries.

Black + White Tile

nardo restaurant decor

Image courtesy of Francesca Grace/Dusty Kessler

The rustic black and white tile is classic and totally on trend. It’s the perfect neutral to the space and ties in all of the elements while allowing them to shine.

Quirky Messages

nardo patio dining LA

Image courtesy of Francesca Grace/Dusty Kessler

Shut up and eat! Love this simple phrase on the outdoor patio. Good design always has a sense of humor;)

kitchen decor ideas

Photographed by Dusty Kessler

Here’s a final look at the front room in all its glory. Now get the look with our shopping suggestions below!

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Photography by Dusty Kessler.