10 Best Minecraft Kitchen Ideas and Designs in 2024

A Minecraft player’s home or base is one of the prime locations where they can show off their creative and decorative side, and this fact can permeate every room. The kitchen, if placed in a given build, is certainly no different. In fact, many members of the community have taken it upon themselves to come up with fantastic Minecraft kitchen ideas that are certainly worth checking out.

Much like the themes used to create homes and bases themselves, Minecraft players have come up with countless cool decorative themes for their kitchens. Some of these designs only use the vanilla blocks and items, while others opt to work in modded kitchen blocks like those seen in Farmer’s Delight and elsewhere.

If Minecraft players are looking for some inspiration or just a design to recreate for their kitchen, there are tons of notable designs worth examining.

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Best Minecraft Kitchen Ideas & Designs

1) ImRandom’s kitchen

ImRandom's kitchen design (Image via YT/ImRandom)ImRandom's kitchen design (Image via YT/ImRandom)
ImRandom’s kitchen design (Image via YT/ImRandom)

Though this kitchen was originally designed by ImRandom for Minecraft 1.16, it can still fit in perfectly after the 1.20 Trails & Tales update. It utilizes various wood types, from planks to stripped logs, and epitomizes the creativity players can flex with the game’s vanilla roster of blocks.


Although the kitchen was built in 1.16, gamers can use plenty of the new blocks introduced in Caves & Cliffs, The Wild Update, and Trails & Tales to add even more flair and decoration.

2) The Modernist’s 3-minute build

Small modern kitchen (Image via YT/The Modernist)Small modern kitchen (Image via YT/The Modernist)
Small modern kitchen (Image via YT/The Modernist)

For a modern Minecraft kitchen with a very short construction time, this build by The Modernist is tough to beat. It leans considerably on nether quartz and concrete blocks, and sticks to a neutral color scheme. The trapdoors are masterfully utilized for cutting boards and stove surfaces, and the end rods provide a comfortable glow to them for evenings.

While the turtle eggs are an interesting choice and work well with the color scheme, players could also replace them with candles for an extra light source.

3) Medieval kitchen

Medieval kitchen build (Image via YT/CyrixTL)Medieval kitchen build (Image via YT/CyrixTL)
Medieval kitchen build (Image via YT/CyrixTL)

Medieval builds have long been a part of Minecraft’s history in the community, from players creating castles or entire modpacks dedicated to the Middle Ages. If fans are low on resources but still want an excellent kitchen to fit their medieval build, these offerings by CyrixTL should be fantastic.

In the majority of these builds, the most difficult resource to obtain to construct them will be iron for lanterns and cauldrons. Considering the prevalence of iron in Minecraft, these kitchen designs should be easy to construct in just a few moments.

4) Automated kitchen

Use redstone to make automatic kitchen (Image via YT/MagmaMusen)Use redstone to make automatic kitchen (Image via YT/MagmaMusen)
Use redstone to make automatic kitchen (Image via YT/MagmaMusen)

Creating a manual design for a Minecraft kitchen is certainly one thing, but some fans have built those that are automated as well. With a little knowledge of redstone-compatible blocks, players can get some snacks out of a refrigerator or pop some snacks down on a stove or cooking fire without putting in the extra effort to do so manually.

Even better, many automated kitchen designs can serve their purpose both in vanilla and with modded blocks when needed.

5) Multi-shelf kitchen

Multi shelf kitchen design (Image via YT/Nerdak)Multi shelf kitchen design (Image via YT/Nerdak)
Multi shelf kitchen design (Image via YT/Nerdak)

This Minecraft kitchen by Nerdak utilizes many of the community’s design decisions, all within a single build to excellent effect. If players want plenty of shelving and surfaces to place decorative objects, it’s hard to beat this design. Further, the barrels and slabs and trapdoors provide excellent options to spruce up the kitchen itself.

It’s also important to remember that each barrel used in this build doubles as storage, making them fantastic for keeping food items until they’re needed.

6) Modern kitchen

Modern kitchen design (Image via YT/6tenstudio)Modern kitchen design (Image via YT/6tenstudio)
Modern kitchen design (Image via YT/6tenstudio)

For a more contemporary design for a Minecraft kitchen, this build by 6tenstudio really sticks the landing. By combining wooden planks, doors, and trapdoors with plenty of quartz and stone, this design creates a kitchen that would look excellent in a modern house or even a mansion.

The hanging light fixture incorporating trapdoors is a particularly magnificent touch that may work well in other kitchen designs as well.

7) Waspycraft1’s rustic kitchen

Rustic kitchen design (Image via Waspycraft)Rustic kitchen design (Image via Waspycraft)
Rustic kitchen design (Image via Waspycraft)

Copper blocks can often get overlooked in many different Minecraft builds, but this kitchen design by Waspycraft1 certainly uses copper to great effect. In addition to creating a rustic venting hood for the appliances, this creation also implements lightning rods as the base for candles to bring the table setting together as well.

The earthy tones of copper blocks make them a perfect fit with the wooden surroundings in the rest of the kitchen.

8) Ikea-style kitchen

Ikea kitchen design (Image via u/nioraca)Ikea kitchen design (Image via u/nioraca)
Ikea kitchen design (Image via u/nioraca)

Ikea’s design for home apparel is difficult to miss whenever and wherever it’s seen, and the same can be said in kitchen spaces as well. This design uses the Chisel & Bits mod to create a quaint, small-scale, and undeniably Ikea-inspired design that looks like the perfect spot to take a moment and grab a bite.

This may not be the roomiest kitchen design, but sometimes the smaller builds can be just as warm and inviting.

9) Kitchen/living room combo

Large kitchen design (Image via YT/VexelVille)Large kitchen design (Image via YT/VexelVille)
Large kitchen design (Image via YT/VexelVille)

Just because Minecraft players are implementing a kitchen design doesn’t mean it has to remain exclusive. In fact, plenty of fans create combination builds like this offering from RandomBuilderinMC, which combines a comfortable living space with a full-fledged kitchen and plenty of seating to go around.

Even better, this build utilizes the popular item frame concept that makes the design appear as if players have wall cubbies that contain various cooking ingredients.

10) Early 20th century kitchen

Early 20th century kitchen design (Image via u/montythecatofficial)Early 20th century kitchen design (Image via u/montythecatofficial)
Early 20th century kitchen design (Image via u/montythecatofficial)

Where some Minecraft fans opt to use medieval or ancient architecture in their creations, this design by Monkeythecatofficial leans on an older, but not too old, philosophy. By combining birch wood, diorite, deepslate, and a little bit of quartz, this project captures some of the Art Deco traditions of the 1930s-1940s in America.

It may not fit every larger-scale Minecraft build perfectly, but this design certainly has its applications depending on the theme being used elsewhere.

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