10 best English garden plants to suit for every climate |

If you love the floriferous, informal charm of an English garden you may instantly visualize a haze of perfumed roses, floral spires and soft leafy ground cover. But if your yard is prone to hot spells and little rain, achieving this look can be tricky. The secret to success lies in a little forward planning; clever plant choices and some smart flower substitutes can help adapt this sumptuous gardening style.  

Knowing the key plants and flower types for a specific style of garden is half the challenge, the other is working out how to choose the right ones for your location – taking the soil type, hardiness zone, climate and aspect into consideration. Team this with adding key garden features – a wooden trellis, ironwork arches, sweeping benches and grassy lawns are among the most quintessentially English garden ideas – and you have the perfect template.

If you’re looking for some English garden planting inspiration, that will also cope with unpredictable temperatures, have a read of our expert recommendations. 

10 best English garden plants to suit for every climate |

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How to choose plants for the English garden look