10+ apartment bathroom ideas that are beautiful and useful

When I first moved into my rental, the first room that I completed was the bathroom. Not only was it lovely to have one completed room, but it was also so fun to decorate. It doesn’t sound like the most thrilling apartment decorating room, but trust me, it is.

I have so many bathroom horror stories from my college days (I won’t tell you what I once found in a shared bathroom trash can), so for me, it’s one of the most important rooms to get right. Luckily, there are so many cute details that you can add that will make using your bathroom a breeze, as well as make it an overall gorgeous experience.

If your apartment bathroom is in need of a li’l loving, I’ve got you. I’ve scrolled through Instagram and TikTok (my two fave hobbies) to find the most gorgeous bathroom inspo.

Ready to make your bathroom as cute as a rubber duck? Keep on scrollin’…

10 bathroom ideas that are absolutely gorgeous

Say buh-bye to boring tiles, and say hello to the bathroom(s) of your dreams. I’ve also shopped the looks too, so you can get your bathroom looking beaut AF, ASAP…

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1. Go for a bold shower curtain 

A small bathroom with a peach shower curtain

(Image credit: @alexabchambers)

Stuck with boring walls and floors that you can’t switch up? Renters, I feel ya. Shower curtains are a great solution for adding a bold splash of color, without having to open a paint can. I def suggest choosing a shower curtain and then working the rest of your bathroom decor around it, as this way you can tie everything together easily. I’m loving this oh-so-sweet peachy one, which adds such a funky vibe to Alexa’s bathroom. 

2. Put toiletries in glass jars 

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